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Risky Business: Cambro Products Designed with Food Safety in Mind

Are you running a risky business?

Food safety is at the heart of every Cambro product. From CamSquares® to Camshelving®, there is always at least one feature that supports food safety. Our goal is to offer quality, safe equipment that decreases food safety risks while making every chef’s life easier. We’ve identified five Cambro products that have made an especially large contribution to food safety efforts in the foodservice industry and can do the same for your operation:

  1. Camshelving

After seeing our food storage products sit on rusty shelving year after year, we knew there had to be a better way. Rusty shelving is a food safety hazard in addition to being costly, time consuming and wasteful. We sought to provide our customers with a shelving line that would never rust and last a lifetime in addition to being food safe and easy to clean. Our answer: Camshelving. Designed with antimicrobial Camguard™, Camshelving Premium and Elements Series have several features that make it the most sanitary shelving in the industry. Camshelving Premium and Elements Series are made from smooth composite plastic, providing a lifetime guarantee against corrosion and rust.

It’s very important to clean your shelving regularly, however, epoxy-coated shelving is very difficult to clean and rarely done properly. Camshelving has smooth surfaces that easily wipe clean and shelf plates can be quickly lifted off and run through a commercial dishwasher. Keeping your shelving clean doesn’t get any easier than that! Additionally, all Camshelving lines are listed by NSF International, an independent, not-for-profit organization that certifies products for sanitation and cleanability.

  1. Cambro Lids

The only way to ensure your containers are kept safe from cross-contamination is to use a lid. Foil and plastic wrap is flimsy and never covers your containers the same way again after it’s been unwrapped. This leaves your containers susceptible to cross-contamination from spills, drips and accidents. We’ve thought of lids to keep every kind of container safe while still making it easy to access your most-used ingredients.

Cambro Seal cover

Camwear® Food Pan Lids: Minimize cross-contamination by keeping your pans covered with Camwear Food Pan Lids. When Camwear Food Pans have a proper lid, they can be efficiently stacked on your Camshelving.  If you’re using Camwear Pans for serving, lids with a handle and a notch design allow employees to access pans’ contents without having to set a lid or utensils on any surfaces.

Seal Covers: Using a Seal Cover on a Camwear Food Pan has been proven to keep produce fresh for up to three days longer. Designed with an inner seal that literally seals your food away from air and possible contaminants, Seal Covers prevent delicate foods like guacamole from spoiling too soon.

GripLids®: Our Camwear GripLid has a molded-in polyurethane gasket that keeps liquids like soups and sauces from leaking while maintaining freshness, flavor and quality.

FlipLids®: Camwear FlipLids are ideal for prep tables and serving stations. FlipLids are extremely effective at reducing cross contamination opportunities while still making ingredients easy to reach. Using FlipLids keeps your tables clean, organized and professional looking.

  1. High Heat Measuring Cups and Cover

Broken equipment can be collateral damage in a busy, bustling kitchen. When chefs are cooking in a small space, it’s important to minimize the likelihood of accidents occurring. We created the High Heat Measuring Cup as the answer to several problems in the kitchen. Made with the same heat-tolerant plastic as our highly successful High Heat H-Pan™ line, the High Heat Measuring Cup can withstand temperatures up to 375°F (190°C) and are safe to use in a microwave or oven. Not only are these cups 75 percent lighter than a glass measuring cup, there is no chance of shattered glass injuring employees or accidentally getting into food. To further protect employees, an integrated handle stays cool to the touch and a Splatter-Proof Cover protects against hot spills and splashes.

  1. StoreSafe® Labels

Our StoreSafe Labels are the embodiment of our commitment to food safety. Not putting a label on your food storage containers vastly increases the chances of food borne illness due to expired food and cross-contamination. Although using common tape appears to be an easy fix, it can leave behind a sticky residue that harbors bacteria. StoreSafe Labels maintain a FIFO food storage system and clearly identify what type of food is inside a container and how long it has been in storage. When it comes time to clean your container, labels dissolve completely in less than 30 seconds through the dishwasher or under running water. Does it get any better than that?     

Cambro StoreSafe label on round container.
Photo courtesy Hannah Noltemeyer
  1. Cam GoBoxes
Cambro GoBox EPP180 with Dolly

One of the first phrases you learn in Food Safety 101 is “Danger Zone.” For years we offered heavy-duty insulated transport units that kept food safe and out of the Danger Zone for at least four hours. We aimed to one-up ourselves to offer a product line that was durable and could keep food safe for the same amount of time, but that was extremely lightweight. Every customer would be able to carry this product—even K-12 students. The Cam GoBox line was born and revolutionized insulated food transport. Fans of the Cam GoBox include everyone from school foodservice operators to BBQ grill masters to emergency responders. Made from an eco-friendly, high performance expanded polypropylene material, hot or cold food is kept safe for at least four hours. The GoBox is constructed to offer fantastic structural strength while being easy to lift and carry. The first GoBox products quickly gained popularity and have grown into a line that includes a variety of size options, lids and accessories.

Our products are designed and tested for maximum efficiency and safety. When you purchase a Cambro product, you know your product has been designed to keep your business and your customers as safe as possible. Contact your local Cambro rep to find the best products to promote food safety in your operation.


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