Cambro Manufacturing Debuts Modern, Versatile Vending Cart

Cambro Manufacturing is bringing the next generation of mobile food vending with the new Cambro Vending Cart. Designed with the flexibility to create multiple configurations, the Cambro Vending Cart can be used to sell a variety of food and drinks for any sector. Constructed at our Skylab Facility in Huntington Beach, Calif., to be durable and easy to maneuver, the Cambro Vending Cart is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.  From snack bar to sandwich bar to drink station, the Cambro Vending Cart provides a modern vending experience in any setting.

The Cambro Vending Cart has a removable 12-inch clear barrier to keep items safe from contamination during service. An open well design provides the capacity for many different serving options and designs. The wells can accommodate five, 1/1 GN pans with a maximum 6-inch depth for prepped food, or Cambro divider bars can be inserted to separate packaged items. The wells can also be filled with ice to create a beverage cart or covers can be placed over the well to create a workstation.

Operators can personalize the Cambro Vending Cart from top to bottom. Standard and custom wraps are available for the front of the cart, allowing operators to display school pride, boost brand awareness or entice customers with an eye-catching design. Display merchandise like packaged snacks or drinks with an optional 6-inch or 12-inch attachment that can be added to the top of the safety barrier on the left or right side; an additional 6-inch or 12-inch merchandising extender is available for multiple display shelves. The Cambro Vending Cart also has the option of installing a point of sale (POS) station and an umbrella.

Underneath the open well, operators have three spacious storage compartments to hold additional items and increase hot or cold holding capabilities. The Cam GoBox EPP300 and Ultra Pan Carrier UPC300 both fit perfectly in the center storage compartment and the Cam GoBox EPP140 and EPPP160 both are compatible with the left and right open storage compartments with optional, removable shelves. The Cambro Vending Cart allows operators to creatively display and safely hold endless food and drink options anywhere. 


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