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Cambro Manufacturing Debuts GoBag® Delivery Backpack

The demand for delivery has never been so high. Support your delivery orders with the new Cambro GoBag Delivery Backpack. Designed to protect your menu items from kitchen to customer, the GoBag Delivery Backpack is constructed with high-density insulation that maintains safe temperatures and food quality. The GoBag Delivery Backpack allows employees to comfortably and securely transport food while walking or biking to their destination. Durable, waterproof and easy to clean, the GoBag Delivery Backpack is essential for any delivery operation.

Available in two sizes, the GoBag Delivery Backpack allows employees to walk or ride hands-free and provides the option of carrying additional items. Easily load and unload the GoBag Delivery Backpack by using the zipper located on the front or by lifting the flap on the top. If employees are transporting different menu items, a divider can be secured with hook and loop strips to safely and securely create separate sections within the backpack. 

The GoBag Delivery Backpack is constructed with two buckles, plus a hook and loop fastener, to keep the backpack securely closed. Exterior waterproof materials protect against the elements while reflector tape on the flap enhances visibility and safety. Each backpack is made with large side pockets to hold small items and a removable cell phone pocket that attaches to padded, adjustable shoulder straps. Side-mounted straps provide the option of carrying the backpack and using it as a bag instead. When you’re done for the day, simply fold the GoBag Delivery Backpack for compact storage.


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