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Meet the Camily: Robert Rambo

Robert Rambo

Cambro products wouldn’t be what they are today without the people who make them. In our Meet the Camily series, we introduce you to some of the people that make your favorite products possible. From manufacturing to distribution to corporate, every Cambro employee has a story to tell. Our next story comes from Robert Rambo, who works at one of our manufacturing facilities in Huntington Beach, Calif.

What is your position?

Compression and Composites Plant Manager

How long have you worked at Cambro?

9 years

What is your role at Cambro?

“I’m in charge of managing all the production in the compression plant, personalization and the composite shelving plant.”


What drew you to Cambro?

“Being a newer person at Cambro, what really drew me here was I studied a lot of the cutting-edge fiberglass technologies and different fiberglass processes and there just weren’t that many places developing technology like that. I really thought that Cambro was cutting edge and the fact that they always want to increase and improve their technology and product base was really what attracted me to get here and got me excited about becoming a part of Cambro.”

Describe the Cambro culture.

“The best way I can describe the character of a Cambro employee is the pride and loyalty they have in the job that they do. Everyone takes it very seriously and puts all of their heart and soul into this product to make sure that our customers are going to love it and want to order more. We’re second to none.

I think people want to work for Cambro because it’s such a teamwork environment. They just love coming to work. You want to come to work and enjoy what you do, and everybody here really loves their job and puts 100 percent into it.”


How is Cambro different than other companies you’ve worked for?

“The company does so much for the employees and then the way the employee loves that and in turn, it’s a total partnership between the two. The company does so much for the employees that the employees want to give back, it’s such a mutual relationship that carries into our products and I think even our service and quality. Even though we’ve grown in size, we’ve never lost that feel of that personal touch that we give to the customer because that’s exactly how we feel here when we make the products.”

How do you see the future of Cambro?

“When I think of Cambro [in the future], I think of the global leader in the foodservice industry because of their innovation. The thing that keeps Cambro innovative is their willingness to pursue constant improvement, we never stop. We’re always looking to raise the cutting edge and find the new technology to keep us ahead of the game.”


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