How to Use CamBars to Serve up Drinks Safely

Outdoor patioThe inside of restaurants and bars look a little different these days and that trend will likely continue for a while. However, frustrated operators do have some creative options that can increase business while supporting social distancing guidelines in the meantime. Al fresco dining is having a major moment and leaning into the idea of eating and drinking outside on sidewalks and patios is a great way to make the most of your space. One of the most difficult areas to socially distance is near the bar. Unfortunately for operators, the bar is one of the most profitable areas of your business. What used to consist of layers of customers waiting for a drink simply can’t happen right now. Encourage continued beverage service by utilizing another bar location. While you might not be able to build a bar fast enough, we can! Check out how Cambro CamBars® support both your goals and restrictions:

  1. Rethink how customers grab drinks at the bar

The bar is a natural place that thirsty customers gravitate toward. Traditionally, this was exactly what you wanted, but it’s a little more complicated now. In order to continue encouraging customers to order drinks at the bar, don’t limit yourself to the standard bars you’ve relied on in the past. Utilize a CamBar to provide drinks anywhere in your operation. It is a huge asset to have a bar where customers sitting or waiting outside can order drinks. Not only are less customers circulating in high traffic areas, they don’t have to worry about walking through too many people to get another drink. Many customers might have been accustomed to grabbing a drink at the bar while waiting for their table. Continue this pattern by bringing the bar outside or in your waiting area to keep customers comfortable before their table is ready.

  1. Shorten the wait

Something your customers probably aren’t missing right now is fighting for your bartenders’ attention on a packed night out. Getting customers their drinks quickly is in everyone’s best interest. With social distancing concerns, customers may feel awkward standing by the bar waiting to get a drink when there are a bunch of people surrounding them. Avoid a social distancing nightmare by providing more places for customers to receive their drinks. The best way to do this is with a CamBar. Customers are served faster and the chances of a large cluster of people congregating is decreased. We suggest setting up your CamBar in a corner inside or on your outside patio. Make a sign with the drinks that are able to be made at that location. Drinks like beer, wine and simple mixed drinks are ideal to serve at your CamBar while your main bar is utilized for drinks ordered by customers who have already been seated. Bartenders can easily take orders, pour drinks and serve them up without customers having to wait in close proximity to others for too long.

  1. Utilize bar seating without taking away drink service

Seating of any kind has extremely high value to operators serving food. Customers who used to turn down bar seating might be more interested now if they don’t want to wait for a table. BAR540110_A1R0_0818_S01Chairs at the bar aren’t squished next to on another anymore, making the bar more appealing for groups of two or three.  You may be weighing the pros and cons of using your bar to serve food to customers when it means that space cannot be used by someone wanting to order a drink. Using a CamBar to serve drinks in another area of your operation allows you to keep your traditional bar full-service. Now, you’re able to seat and serve food to more customers while keeping your drink sales steady. This is an especially great opportunity if the location of your bar leaves something to be desired. Using a CamBar gives you the freedom to move your bar around your operation until you find the spot that attracts the most customers.

  1. Eliminate FOMO

The “Fear of Missing Out” is real. Many people go out to a restaurant or bar with the hopes of socializing and being in on the action. If your business has a main area with separate rooms or patios, keep the same vibe throughout all spaces by providing customers with a second bar to gravitate toward. Getting creative with weekly, themed happy hour specials translate the same feeling to customers no matter where they are hanging out. Equipping your operation with a second bar also increases the likelihood customers will order an additional drink. Out of sight, out of mind is true for food and drink orders too. When a customer is in close proximity to a bar, they’re more likely to order another round.


While some of these ideas are solutions for temporary problems, using a CamBar creates a lasting impact by increasing the quality of your customer service and drink sales. With three different size and multiple design options, there is a CamBar to fit your operation’s needs. CamBars are designed to accommodate bottles and can service or a complete soda gun system. Impact resistant and waterproof, CamBars will not chip, dent, rust or crack. Simply roll your CamBar out, serve and roll back inside for safe keeping. All models include a speed rail and an 80-pound capacity ice sink with cover. Contact your Cambro rep to find the right CamBar for you.


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