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5 Must-Have Cam GoBox Accessories for Summer

Flip Lid for GoBox for drinks

As warm weather increases, so does the pressure to maintain the safety and quality of temperature-sensitive foods and beverages. It is imperative to use products that keep your menu items as far from the Danger Zone as possible. Cambro’s line of Cam GoBoxes® are designed to keep food at safe temperatures for at least four hours. Their lightweight, durable construction make them ideal for curbside, delivery, catering and events. When it’s summertime and you want the living to be easy, utilize these 5 Cam GoBox accessories to make your GoBoxes work that much harder for you:

  1. Chill Out

GoBox with Camchiller and InsertTo say it can be difficult to keep food cold during the summer is an understatement. No one wants to open a to-go container to find a lukewarm salad or sandwich. Increase your cold holding capabilities by adding a Camchiller to your Cam GoBox. Camchillers help defend your food from the unavoidably harsh heat that beats into vehicles during transport and outside during events. Available in half-size and full-size, Camchillers are extremely easy to use. Simply lay the Camchiller flat and freeze overnight before putting it inside your carrier. If you need to use every inch of your Top Loading Cam GoBox, use the Camchiller insert to increase space inside your carrier.

  1. Don’t Sweat It


Sweaty drinks are just not appealing. When customers order drinks to-go, they don’t want to be presented with a melted mess. Despite dining rooms reopening, many restaurants are still able to offer to-go alcoholic drinks. Don’t let your presentation discourage your customers from continuing to order them. The Cam GoBox Beverage Holder allows drinks to keep their cool. Whether you need to hold iced coffee orders before pickup or deliver sodas with your to-go orders, the Beverage Holder is the support you need. Interlocking units of three protect quality and safety while reducing spills and cross contamination.


  1. Flip Your Lid

The Cam GoBox Flip Lid is ideal for anyone with a takeout, pickup or delivery operation. Instead of having to completely remove the lid of your GoBox, the Flip Lid allows you to simply flip one side of the lid and reach inside. The design of the Flip Lid keeps the other half of the GoBox covered, preventing food from losing too much of its temperature. This is essential for operations that experience temperature losses when having to frequently open their GoBoxes. Not only does the Flip Lid make your operation more efficient, it supports food safety and quality.


  1. Get in Line

We highly suggest using a Cambro Food Pan to protect your food and GoBoxes. Cambro Food Pans are available in Camwear®, Translucent and High Heat materials depending on how you’re using them. Camwear and Translucent Food Pans topped with Seal Covers are ideal for holding cold prepped food. When transporting to-go bags or boxes for deliveries, we suggest using Camwear or Translucent Food Pans to create a barrier. While GoBoxes are resistant to most oil, grease, and chemicals, your units will last longer when the material has a layer of protection. If you’re a caterer transporting hot food in disposable pans, we encourage you to stop wasting your money and switch to High Heat H-Pans instead. Safe for use in ovens up to 375°F, the High Heat H-Pan can do it all. From prep, holding, cooking and freezing, the High Heat H-Pan can be utilized throughout each process.

  1. Let the Good Times Roll

There’s a reason why so many phrases use the word “roll” to describe being easy going. Having the ability to wheel your equipment makes it exponentially easier on your staff, especially when it’s hot outside. The CamDolly® Compact allows users to quickly and easily move insulated transport units as quickly as possible. Employees spend less time and energy lifting equipment in the heat and customers get their food faster. The CamDolly Compact is available in two sizes to accommodate both Top Loading and Front-Loading Cam GoBoxes, Ultra Pan Carriers, food boxes and pizza dough boxes. Stack products on top of the CamDolly and effortlessly wheel them to and from vehicles. If you’re using Cam GoBoxes for hot or cold holding within your operation, the CamDolly is compact enough to be maneuvered around tight spaces in the back of house.


Your GoBoxes are already lightweight, durable and temperature retentive, but these five accessories give them the support they need to go the extra mile during hot summer days. With the continued popularity of delivery and outdoor eating, it is extremely advantageous to equip yourself with accessories that strengthen your products against the challenges that summer brings. Contact your Cambro rep to get a recommendation specific to your operation.


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