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School Breakfast 101: 5 Cambro Products to Increase Efficiency, Participation

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Traditional school breakfast is becoming a thing of the past. New breakfast service models like Breakfast in the Classroom, Grab-N-Go and Second Chance Breakfast are providing significantly greater participation than the traditional cafeteria line. If you’re looking to switch to a new model or are unhappy with the efficiency of your current operation, these Cambro products are exactly what you need for an effective School Breakfast Program. No matter which model your schools uses, Cambro has designed a product that will perform the way all your Cambro products do: proficiently, lastingly and securely.

  1. Cam GoBox® Milk Crate Box

Breakfast models it’s best for: Breakfast in the Classroom, Second Chance Breakfast

EPPMBWSTSW110_A3LK_0519_s02The Milk Crate Box is the ideal way to transport milk cartons into the classroom. Lightweight, temperature retentive and easy to load, milk carton transport doesn’t get much better than this! Simply lift a milk crate of up to 70 half pint milk cartons into the box, secure the lid and you’re ready to go. Adjust the web strap to a comfortable position and easily carry the cartons to each classroom while having hands freed up to carry anything else you might need. For both Breakfast in the Classroom and Second Chance Breakfast, the Milk Crate Box makes it easy for kids to reach in and grab their milk quickly. If there are any cartons left over, clean up is as simple as lifting the crate out of the box and back into the walk-in.

  1. Versa Work Table

Breakfast models it’s best for: Grab-N-Go, Second Chance Breakfast

The Versa Work Table is a perfect for high volume schools looking to feed students as quickly and efficiently as possible. These mobile tables allow staff to load up pans on the top of the unit as well as stowing additional pans of food underneath. When you run out of one tray, employees are able to reach underneath the unit and replenish everything without additional help or trips back to the kitchen. This is especially helpful for schools watching their labor costs. Carolyn Barnes, Foodservice Director of Newberry County School District in South Carolina, was able to use the Versa Work Table to create an extremely efficient school breakfast service.

“In the morning, three carts are filled with different breakfast items and wheeled to separate halls. We are able to feed all the children in about 15 minutes,” said Barnes. Read the full story here.

versa work table

  1. Cam GoBox® Top Loaders

Breakfast models it’s best for: Grab-N-Go, Breakfast in the Classroom, Second Chance Breakfast

EPPEXT110_A1RL_0120_s04They say variety is the spice of life and we have to agree—especially when it comes to food. One big way to keep kids interested in school breakfast is to switch up the menu regularly. That means stale pastries and cereal aren’t going to cut it. With the help of an insulated transport unit, the possibilities increase drastically. Ideal for both hot and cold items, your operation can expand its breakfast menu with the help of a Cam GoBox Top Loader. Not only is food kept at temperature, Cam GoBoxes are lightweight enough that even a student could carry them. A school district in Windsor, Conn., was very successful with using the Cam GoBox EPP180 model to increase participation.

“The Cam GoBoxes were actually instrumental…because we originally were only going to do cold breakfast, but then [we were] able to serve hot food in these boxes,” said Dana Plant, Windsor Public Schools Foodservice Director. Read the full story here.

Popular breakfast menu items include breakfast sandwiches, breakfast burritos, parfaits and smoothies.

  1. Camshelving® Flex Station

Breakfast models it’s best for: Grab-N-Go, Second Chance Breakfast

Every Grab-N-Go operation needs a Flex Station. Affordable, lightweight and extremely customizable, the Flex Station satisfies the desires of every Grab-N-Go operation. The Flex Station displays food and drinks in a way that’s functional, attractive and organized. Kids are able to easily see what their options are, grab what they want and be on their way. Flex Stations require no setup or clean-up—simply roll them in and back out to the kitchen. For schools that provide Second Chance Breakfast, Flex Stations are light and easy enough to maneuver that employees can wheel them back to the kitchen for a refill with plenty of time to spare before the first period is over. The Flex Station is extremely popular, rightfully so. Check out how these schools doubled their breakfast participation using the Cambro Flex Station.

Breakfast Flex Station

  1. Delivery GoBag®

Breakfast models it’s best for: Breakfast in the Classroom, Second Chance Breakfast

GoBagNo one wants to lug around heavy bags just to realize that all of the food inside isn’t the right temperature. When using Delivery GoBags, you have the peace of mind to know that employees can carry them without trouble and food will stay at the correct temperature. Breakfast in the Classroom is most successful when it’s picked up, delivered and distributed quickly. Whether students, teachers or foodservice employees are designated to pick up breakfast, Delivery GoBags make delivery and distribution manageable, nonetheless. For schools that provide Second Chance Breakfast, fill Delivery GoBags with the most popular options and position employees in the highest traffic areas for distribution. Delivery GoBags streamline the process and make it extremely easy for employees to deploy.

Is your equipment providing the most efficient service for your School Breakfast Program? Using the right Cambro product for your service model can increase participation, reduce costs and more. Contact your local Cambro rep to get started today.

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