Cambro Products

New Decor Series Camtrays Look, Feel like Woodgrain


The newest Camtray by Cambro Manufacturing is a modern, durable and functional piece that will elevate the look of your operation. The Décor Series Camtrays are designed to appear and feel like authentic wood while actually being made of a durable fiberglass material. These Camtrays convey a modern-rustic vibe while providing the long-lasting durability of the classic Camtray.


Décor Series Camtrays can be made with a standard woodgrain textured surface or with Cambro’s clear non-skid surface called EpicTread™. EpicTread provides safer handling, a reduction in accidental spills and the elimination of tray mats. Decrease on-going costs while reducing waste when choosing an EpicTread surface. Décor Series Camtrays trays are ideal for operations ranging from high-traffic foodservice establishments to healthcare settings.

Choose from three tray sizes and five colors of woodgrain; personalization is also available. Promote the branding of your business by personalizing the front, back or both with a full-color logo or design.

Décor Series Camtrays are scratch, chip, break, stain and chemical resistant, in addition to coming with a five-year prorated warranty. Both surface textures are safe for use in high temperature dishwashers.

Contact your Cambro rep for more information on the new Decor Series Camtrays.


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