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Transitional Care Facility Overcomes Meal Delivery Issues

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Recovering from major surgery or an illness is never easy. Although patients may want to go home after being discharged from the hospital, many require extra recovery at a transitional care facility. At Interlude Restorative Suites in Fridley, Minn., staff work hard to make their stay as comfortable as possible.

“Each guest has a phone in their room, and they call down and they place the order for whatever time they would like, breakfast, lunch and dinner,” said Josh Rowe, Nutrition and Culinary Director at Interlude™ Restorative Suites. “Everything is cooked fresh to order, everything is plated as needed. Nothing is cooked head of time.”

Previously, the culinary team was using thermal carts with a metal cover on top of their plates and Rowe said they “just didn’t seem to be doing the trick.” Many guests complained about cold food, so staff began looking for a better solution.

“We switched to a Camduction system because we needed something that would hold the food for longer, so that we could have a hot plate that if it sat for 10 to 20 minutes, it would still be warm and hot and pleasant to eat going up [to their room]. Because what’s worse than ordering eggs right away in the morning and getting cold eggs? Nobody likes cold eggs,” said Rowe.

With Cambro’s Camduction Complete Heat System, food has been proven to stay hot for up to 60 minutes. Bases are heated within 4 to 6 minutes, topped with a heated plate, covered with a Cambro insulated dome and sent out for service.

“They work phenomenally, we use them for every plate that goes out.  We have much less food complaints, much less cold food, and actually, next to no cold food complaints for the most part. I would say that’s mainly attributed to the Cambro Camduction system,” said Rowe.

Camduction_ProcessGIFGuests stay at Interlude to work with an occupational or physical therapy team for as little as a few days to a long as a few months; Rowe said the median stay is 14 days. With as many as 180 meals being served each day, it is important that Interlude’s processes are satisfactory for both guests and staff.

“[The Camduction] is hugely better. It’s wonderful, [the staff] love it. They have no issues with it, I haven’t had one complaint or one concern from any of my chefs or servers about the Camduction system,” said Rowe.

Is your operation receiving complaints from guests about cold food? Exceed your guests’ expectations with Cambro’s Camduction system. Contact your Cambro rep to get started today.


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