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Trays are found in every bar, restaurant and banquet facility. Often, these trays go unnoticed by customers and guests. And that’s usually a good thing. When a guest is served a cocktail from a tray, the focal point should be the drink. When a 400-person banquet is being served, the large banquet trays should not draw attention to themselves.

When a tray is noticed, it’s usually not for the right reasons.  

CrackedTraysPeeling surface texture, cracked and dented edges will be noticed.

Service trays go through a tremendous amount of wear and tear in a typical foodservice environment. Few trays are designed to survive the daily rough and repetitive handling and the many warewashing cycles. Those frequent trips through the warewashing process can take a toll on the typical non-skid surface. Before long, that non-skid surface can look like a slip and slide.

Cambro Camtread® trays are built to thrive in these challenging environments. The durable, fiberglass construction features a heavy-duty, non-skid rubber surface that will not wear out or lose integrity from warewashing demands.

The Camtread tray became the industry standard because of its longevity.

In foodservice, it’s rare for products to consistently deliver on the promise of durability. With Camtread trays, durability is the norm not the exception. It continues to be in demand because it performs in the most demanding environments while maintaining its look.

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Safety First

The rubber non-skid surface of the Camtread tray keeps drinks and dishes in place during handling. This prevents items from slipping off the tray and causing troublesome spills and accidents. This tray gives staff the confidence to balance and efficiently navigate a tray full of dishes or drinks through busy bars and tables.

The Experience

You’re in the business of providing a memorable experience to your guests.

Whether you’re serving cocktails at happy hour or a 400-plate banquet, that initial presentation can set the tone for the experience. Serving meals and drinks on a Camtread tray offers a more appetizing presentation.

Make A Statement

Never miss a chance to make a statement.

Camtread trays work for your brand. Impactful personalization options include logos, images or any type of artwork. For a touch of sophistication, subtle surface embossing can take your brand to the next level.

The Details

  • Available in round, oval and rectangular shapes.
  • Trays feature stacking lugs for fast drying and storage.
  • Trays can be personalized with a logo and / or image (select tray sizes).
  • Made of heavy-duty fiberglass.
  • 5-year pro-rated warranty.

Whether your staff is serving drinks in the bar area or meals in an up-scale restaurant dining area, the Camtread tray offers options that satisfy the need for reliable, long-lasting service trays.

Next Steps

Camtread Webpage | Personalize Your Camtread with the Cambro App | Contact a Cambro Rep

CambroLogo_Camtread2PS – You may have seen other non-skid trays. You may have even purchased them. If you have purchased others, you probably quickly realized why only Camtread trays are the industry standard. Make sure you have the right trays: look for the Cambro logo on the surface of every Camtread tray. Or look for the Cambro logo on the back.

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