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5 Equipment Essentials You Need for Back to School

MainTitleWith the new school year fast approaching, have you thought about what pieces of equipment could really help you achieve your goals this year? Maybe you need small, portable carts for implementing Breakfast in the Classroom? Or perhaps you’re looking for a solution for maintaining food temperatures during transport from the central kitchen to satellite sites?

Well, you’re in luck because we have put together a list of the top 5 equipment pieces that any school foodservice kitchen needs.

  1. Merchandising Carts

Both Carts 8Ease congestion in your cafeteria by taking some of the serving options outside to the quad, playground or any area. Merchandising Carts provide a hygienic, organized way to serve hot or cold foods in any location.

Between the CamKiosk or Camcruiser vending carts, Cambro has solutions in various sizes and options that will work for you.

2. Salad Bars

Versa Food Bar 2 sided by side cafeteriaThere’s no easier way to make fresh fruits and veggies accessible to kids everyday than with a salad bar. Research has shown that when kids get to choose, they’ll select more healthy options.

Try Cambro’s Versa Food Bar for a portable food bar that can serve salad, toppings, and much more.

  1. Lightweight Food Transporters

GoBox GN Top Loader School 7Insulated transporters have never been easier to carry than with the Cam GoBox™. Lightweight and durable, these insulated food carriers ensure that food stays at safe temperatures during transport.

The affordable Cam GoBox is available in various sizes with front loading or top loading models.

  1. Mobile Serving Carts

Flex Station SchoolSometimes you need a light, nimble cart for navigating hallways and doorways. And if it’s fully adjustable so you can configure it exactly to your needs, even better.

Check out Cambro’s Flex Station, a fully adjustable mobile cart that you can outfit with food boxes or pans of varying sizes to suit any objective.

  1. Temperature Holding Cabinets

Pro Cart Plus with foodTime from cooking to serving can vary a lot, so heated or cold cabinets and transporters are vital to any school kitchen.

Cambro’s Pro Cart Ultra™ is unique in that it does both: hot and cold holding in one unit!

To learn about other solutions for your school kitchen, contact your local Cambro representative.


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