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Top Shelving Layouts – June 2017

headerThe most efficient shelving layouts from one foodservice operation to another will vary depending on many factors. To give customers the most out of the space they have to work with, Cambro proudly offers Camshelving Design Service (CDS), which plots out the most efficient layout for shelving in the requested space. Click here for an in-depth look at that process.

We’ve taken some of the most recent stand-out installations and illustrated them here to show how versatile Camshelving is and to hopefully inspire your vision for storage in your foodservice operation. Take a look at some recent designs below.

Project: Camshelving® Premium Series – School

Application: Dry Storeroom

This dry storage area was designed with stationary and mobile Premium Series Camshelving. Rows of 24” deep and 72” high stationary shelving units line two walls and create a usable corner space. The wall with the door contains 18” deep shelving to create clearance space for entering and exiting the storeroom. Finally, the four mobile units are intended to be used throughout the operation, then returned to the dry storage room for storage when not in use. The designers saved room for a small office space and table.

School Diagram

Project: Camshelving Premium Series – Hotel

Application: Dry storage in a large irregularly shaped space

The large spacious storeroom was transformed into an organized storage area with rows of shelving and planned aisles. Premium Series stationary units were used to create nine rows of shelves with active aisles in between. Finishing the room off, the outer walls are lined with stationary shelving to achieve an optimum storage system in this large space.

Hotel Diagram

Visit for an immersive experience in the world of Camshelving. You can also get your own free custom shelving layout by contacting one of our expert Camshelving design consultants by filling out our web form.


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