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Keeping Elderly Residents Hydrated During Hot Weather

LDT9 cranFor most people, dehydration is not a life-and-death issue. For at-risk populations, such as elderly nursing home residents, dehydration is especially dangerous. It’s estimated that one third of the nursing home residents in the U.S suffer from dehydration which can lead to serious health risks such as kidney failure, seizures, swelling of the brain and even death.

While loss of fluid during hot temperatures and humidity is inevitable, there are steps that the nursing home staff can take to minimize the risk of dehydration.

Measuring Fluid Intake

One way to minimize dehydration risk is to monitor fluid intake by keeping a log of how much the resident drinks throughout the day. For instance, if water is given with each meal, the staff should record how much of the water the resident consumes. It is always easier and more accurate to measure the consumption level when using tumblers with graduation marks.

Make Water Readily Available

Another way to minimize risk of dehydration is to encourage residents to drink more water by having water pitchers and cups by their bedside tables to conveniently pour for themselves. In the common area, always have water stations available.

Nursing home residents often take medications that cause dehydration. When combined with hot temperatures, it becomes even more dangerous. Nursing home nutritionists and dietitians can help reduce the risk of dehydration with proper staff training and adequate solutions.

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