Flexible Options for Serving Anything, Anywhere

FlexStation1Some people think that the “Flex” part of the Flex Station refers to how flexible it is to change it up and reconfigure as needed. Others think that “Flex” refers to how many different applications the Flex Station can be used for. Both are right!

Thanks to how easy it is to set up the Flex Station exactly how you want it, we’ve seen countless unique applications for the Flex Station.

FlexStation2Here’s just a sampling:

  • Serving hot breakfast in the classroom
  • Grab-N-Go stations
  • A la carte sales for snacks
  • Keeping smoothies cool until service
  • Drying stations for insulated beverage servers

Free Stuff!

If you’re considering buying the Flex Station for your school, now is the perfect time! We’re offering 12 free pans or food boxes with each purchase of a Flex Station. Get full details or redeem this offer here.

About the Author: Annamaria Barajas is the Associate Marketing Manager for Schools. For more posts related to school foodservice, clicks here.

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