The Fusion of Art and Service

DCIM104MEDIADJI_0008.JPGNothing says service like a tray. When Lidia Rubenstein, Chair of the Acquisitions, Collections & Exhibitions Committee of the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach, California, began planning for the museum’s 20th Anniversary Celebration, she knew she wanted to do something very special. Her goal was to commemorate this important milestone with an event that marries the key values of Latin culture, fine art and local Southern California flavor. Then came her epiphany. The Latin American culture is one of service and sharing. What better way to symbolize that culture than with a tray, a blank canvas of sorts, for amazing Latin American artists to give an offering of creativity to the museum and its patrons. It was then that the relationship between the Long Beach Museum of Latin American Art and Cambro was born.

Jessica Urena, Director of Donor Relations at MOLAA discusses the Take A Tray! project:

Edward Hayes, Curator of Exhibition at MOLAA and one of the artists that participated in the Take A Tray! project shares his experience:

About the Author: Tania Nelson is the Director of Marketing at Cambro.

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