Make Your Cafeteria Mobile with Kiosks

shutterstock_299991407Vending machines. The phrase conjures images of weeks-old sandwiches, lukewarm dime cup coffee and indestructible sugar snacks resting in a large behemoth of a machine taking up valuable real estate.

Thankfully those images are less and less common.

Nimble, healthy fare is needed and that translates to fresh, healthy food available in various locations. The equipment to serve these healthy foods needs to be nimble and able to move with the crowds. Flexible, mobile vending kiosks can make your foodservice operation look modern and attractive.

DSC_0169Healthy(er) Foods

As healthy(er) eating has become the lifestyle of many, hospitals have been the first to offer snacks and meals on the go that followed this trend. Changing habits is hard and hospitals have had to reevaluate their offerings to keep up with the healthy trend common with visitors and staff alike.

As hospitals improve snack and grab n’ go meals, this will not only promote a healthy regimen at work but also generate substantial revenue for the foodservice department. This revenue can cover the cost of the fresh and natural ingredients, equipment upgrades, and possibly part of staff salary.

Hospitals already have main cafeterias and many of those food items can be used to create on-the-go snacks and meals that are ideal for a mobile kiosk.

Go With the Flow

With mobile kiosks stationed throughout a facility, employees and staff can enjoy quick and freshly-packaged meals leading to longer stretches of focused attention without the spikes and crashes of junk food.

CamKiosk operator side StockedThe mobility of these kiosks makes them easy for the staff to maneuver to different locations depending on the time of the day and traffic—from the entrance, cafeteria, and hallways to the waiting room area.

5 Things to Look For in a Mobile Kiosk

  1. Staff friendly- is it easy for busy staff to set up and break down the unit.
  2. Cleanliness- easy to clean and keep sanitized during and between uses.
  3. Insulated cabinets- for keeping hot foods at safe temperatures for at least 4 hours.
  4. Cold storage area- to keep cold sandwiches and salads fresh longer without spoilage.
  5. Display personalization- easy to add an attractive design or logo to enhance branding.

For more information on kiosks and other vending solutions, contact your local Cambro representative. .

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