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5 Key Elements to Building a Strong Foodservice Brand

BrandlogoEstablishing a strong brand is essential to any foodservice operation. A strong brand blends the origin story of the business with the vision and impact you want to have on the marketplace.Setting the tone early for the right brand experience you wish customers to have is crucial. Putting a conscious effort into your branding is therefore critical and the key is to providing a consistent experience. Here is a list of key elements that can impact your brand.


If you thought selecting a name for your business was the hard part, get ready for choosing colors. Your brand colors are the cornerstone of all future branding initiatives. PopularLogosIt has been established that certain colors trigger certain feeling. For instance, it is not a coincidence that top fast food corporations such as MacDonald’s, Burger King, Del Taco and In-n-Out have all opted in for red and yellow as their primary branding colors. These are colors that suggest happiness and enhance appetite. On the opposite side of the spectrum, there are earth tones such as brown soil, green leaf and red sun that are associated with wholesome and environmental lifestyles, adopted by the majority of organic and vegan restaurants and supermarkets such as Whole Foods.

Brand Standards

Regardless of one or multiple locations, reinforcement through uniformity is one of the key aspects that is unique to your brand.  This can be achieved through standardized menu, external architecture, interior decors and employee attire to provide consistent visual and emotional each and every time they visit. We see this approach in established brands such as Buffalo Wild Wings, Cheesecake factory, BJ’s and Islands, just to name a few. Whether you have a food truck, a fleet of food trucks or 10,000 locations, the uniformity of the customer experience is what keeps the brand cohesive no matter the location or the cook prepping the meal.


Product personalization is another effective initiative to increase brand recognition. Many restaurants place their logos on glasses, coasters and trays. Think about the number of times you pick up a glass, look down at the coaster or even glance at the tray design while at a restaurant. Even when you’re not paying attention, you’re subconsciously absorbing the branding and atmosphere of a location.

Customer Service

The criteria of defining customer service has changed with enthusiastic Millennial diners. For them it’s the experience that matters the most. Customer service is part of the experience that your restaurant provides and that experience is unique to your brand. While food taste and quality are important factors, customer service is really what determines repeat visits. Consumers are also more likely to select a restaurant based on their online rating. A study showed that 90% of Yelp users say that positive reviews affect their buying choices.

Photo Mar 31, 10 23 03 AM (1)Social Conscience

We already know that Millennials love to dine out  but there are few other points that set them apart from previous generations. Millennials have more income at their disposal and make conscious decision about where they spend their money. They prefer restaurants that are involved in the community and give back such as Chic-Fil-A and Panera Bread.  Through food, money or labor donations your restaurant will connect with the community and will receive the support from brand loyal customers that show their appreciation by visiting your establishment.


Branding doesn’t happen by accident.It’s a planned, concentrated effort. It is all about the food and the customer experience but you also want to make sure they know the name of the great place they went to lunch so their friends can know as well. Be a brand stand-out.

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