What’s a Cambro to YOU?

Cambro Shelving Branding2If you ask a handful of foodservice operators to tell you about their favorite Cambro, you will likely hear a variety of responses. Our catering customers often refer to their hot boxes or transporters as their Cambros. A hotel operator will proudly tour you through their storage areas and point to their Cambros when referring to their clear Square Storage Containers. To a line cook, Cambros are their food (insert) pans and for those who work in a school kitchen, trays get the Cambro nickname.

We have huge aspirations here at Cambro, and we are going to take a leap of faith and predict that by 2020 our customers will be referring to their Camshelving as a Cambro too! We can just hear it now, “The removable shelf plates on our Cambros are so easy to clean. With our Cambros we never have to worry about rust,” or “I can’t believe how much stuff these Cambros can store.”

Cambro Shelving Branding1Coming Soon

To help make this dream a reality, we have decided to help you identify your Cambro shelving more easily by labeling Camshelving Premium with our brand name tastefully displayed on our post connectors. No doubt that next time we are touring your kitchens, you are going to proudly show us your newly outfitted walk-in cooler full of Cambros.

Tell us about Your Cambros

In your kitchen, what do you call a Cambro?

Reply to this post, send us a picture, video – whatever you’d like! Use the #MyCambro and you could more Cambros!

We will randomly select 20 participants from across our social and web communication channels to win one of a variety of Cambros ranging from storage to shelving to transport. Winners will be selected February 1st.

Want to share even more with us? We’re proud of our name and we know you’re proud of your kitchen, so we’d love to hear why you’re proud to have Cambros in your operation.



  1. 300 MPC!! They are the hardbodies of the hot food carriers around! Had them in use since 1990/1992. Have bought over a dozen since. They go out on the boats I cater for, off property events, concerts, weddings, you name it. The top loaders come second, just as useful too!

  2. I use my cambro coffee cup daily!! We use the giant cambros for onion rings, storing beef and bison chuck….love it all! If i win we could use some giant cambros…some of ours are broken

  3. I love #MyCambro!! Since my first job, as a dishwasher, I’ve called storage containers especially 18qts by the name Cambro! I have shelving, storage containers, and a Cambro cart. I don’t like using any other brand. Cambro is such a fantastic product, durable, long lasting, and tough. In my line of work that is extremely important!

  4. Recently started consulting and recipe development for a restaurant and happy to see they have a very well organized kitchen with Cambro containers for dry storage to soups and sauces. I love #MyCambro and how organized it makes life in the kitchen, both professionally and at home!

  5. #mycambro
    I use them in everyday practice from my bbq kitchen. I use them to cool and put away beans. Make and store potato salad.

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