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Cambro Manufacturing Launches Its New 2016-2017 Catalog

Catalog - CambroWith the addition of over a dozen new products, the much anticipated 2016-2017 Cambro Catalog is now available.

The new catalog is organized in three major categories: Equipment, Supplies and Healthcare.

The Equipment section contains full product information on Insulated Transport, Warewashing, Merchandising, and Shelving products. Of note, the Camtherm Electric Food Holding Cabinet now features an adjustable hot setting for use as a proofer. The shelving category has undergone the biggest redesign in both catalog layout, product code updates and line extensions. Over 800+ SKUs have been added to the Camshelving product line.

CambroCatalog.gifThe Supplies section consists of Storage, Display, Table Service and Trays. This section has the bulk of new product addition with the industry first 1/8 size Food Pan, Camtray with Handles and Lido™ Tumblers.

The Healthcare section features products designed for the world healthcare foodservice. From safe food transport and service with new Non-Skid Versa Camtrays with Handles and Camwear® Non-Skid Trays to safe drying and storage products, Cambro Healthcare is the go-to resource for healthcare professionals.

Some of the newest Cambro products debuting in the 2016-2017 catalog:

Copies of the 2016-2017 Cambro Catalog can be requested by visiting

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