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Are you one of the many operators that worry because you have outgrown the existing space in your restaurant?

What do you do? The last thing you want is to deal with an interruption to your productivity or business – but how do you increase storage space without having to recruit the help of a contractor?

You don’t have to disrupt your operation or just “adapt to” your existing storage space. Reorganizing storage areas using High Density Floor Track Shelving Systems are one way operators are solving this issue. These shelving floor track systems help operators that have outgrown their storage area or are limited on extra storage space with adding more storage space without having to hire a construction crew.


This type of storage on track system provides more storage in less space so you can merge all of your stored items (small equipment, china, linen, banquet supplies, etc.) into one area. Productivity is improved because kitchen staff no longer has to meander through several storage areas looking for items stored.

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Examples of items that can be consolidated and stored in a High Density shelving system:

  • Dry Storage Food Supplies – Longer holding of less-perishable items such as #10 Cans, Flour, Sugar, Cooking Oils, etc.
  • Cold Storage Food Supplies – High Density Systems can be installed in Freezers and Walk-in Coolers for storing of produce and meats.
  • China, Dishware, Pots, Pans and Banquet Supplies
  • Linen and Housekeeping Supplies
  • Kitchen Supplies: Heat Lamps, Chaffing Dishes, Carving Station Supplies
  • Alcohol (You can install a Full-Wrap Security Cage on Floor Track Mobile units for safe storage.)

So if you are a foodservice operator worried that you are running out of space…let one of our Shelving Specialists draw a High Density System for you.

Email us a rough dimension of your storage area at

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