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Cambro 2013: A Year in Review

To mark the close of 2013 and the start of 2014, we’ve created this roundup of the most exciting new products, appearances from industry professionals, noteworthy tidbits from our Blog, and events of the past year.

From a failed burglary attempt in a foodservice operation, to a little help from Shelly the Friendly Health Inspector where she shares insider information on “Things that annoy inspectors during an Inspection” and our feature of Foodservice Business of the Week to our wicked homage to Chain Restaurants and another year of Best in Class for Storage products, here’s everything you need to know about the year that was and the year that will be.

Where in the World Was Cambro? [Events]

A lot of different places but here are a few highlights:


Cambro NAFEM 2013

Cambro at NAFEM 2013

National Restaurant Association

Cambro booth - NRA 2013

NRA 2013 – Cambro Booth


NEHA photo

National Environmental Health Association


School Show

School Show - ANC 2013

School Show – ANC 2013

Internorga Show [Germany]


Cambro at Internorga Show

Nightclub & Bar Show

Cambro at NCB Show Vegas

Cambro at NCB Show Vegas


Cambro Featured Business of the Week

A few of the selected winners – nominate your foodservice business – click here!

yomama_logo Cambro business of the week butt-naked-bbq-logo Jenny Wenny Cakes Cambro Business of the week CCI logo

A Little Recognition [Awards]

NAFEM: What’s Hot, What’s Cool Best in Class Storage Category Green Restaurant Association Endorsement
Cambro What's Hot What's Cool Cambro Best In Class Containers - Overall Cambro Combo Cart plus Green Restaurant Association

The New Stuff [Product Launches]

Get Your Hands on ’em: Buy ’em or Win ’em! [Contests]

Showroom Revamp

ShowRoom Revamp logo


#SecureMyProfits - Cambro Contest

Caterer Challenge 2

Cambro Caterer Challenge

StoreSafe 4Kids

StoreSafe 4KIDS - Cambroi SNA School Show Contest

It Still Matters: Food Safety [StoreSafe]

Did You Hear the One About… [Great Stories]

Cambro Infographic 6 BillionProblemPay Attention, You Might Learn Something [Facts and Infographics]

The Restaurant Industry’s $6 Billion Dollar Problem

How Clean and Safe is your Office?

The Financial Impact of Salads

The Eating Habits of College Students

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