Sustainability in Hospitality: The Unexplored Benefits

Globe Image for Hospitality Sustainability - CambroAccording to a recent study by MindClick SGM™, 2 out of 3 consumers believe that hotels need to be more mindful of their impact on communities and the planet.  According to the survey:

“75% of consumers define sustainability as building, furnishing and operating hotels in ways that are better for the guest, better for the community and better for the planet.” 

Corporate travel executives responsible for over $10 million in annual hotel contracts view operational sustainability efforts as “smart business” that is expected from hotels.  In fact, not having operational sustainability efforts in place is a big negative.  

While a Green Hotel certification is perceived as an important factor, travel executives prefer to do business with companies whose sustainability initiatives are not only in-house but throughout the supply chain.  Guests want assurances that the products used in the hotels are beneficial to their health and well-being and aren’t harming the local communities or the planet.  90% of the respondents surveyed said that they would choose a hotel with such programs in place and are even willing to pay more to stay in such a facility.


What about your facility–is your hotel living up to the sustainability expectations of your guests?  Have you seen a rise in occupancy after starting Green initiatives?   Where does your hotel fall in terms of using green supplies and equipment even though guests may not see them?  How committed are you to this initiative?


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