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Hand Hygiene is Vital to Hospital Safety

The topic of safety is of utmost concern at your local hospital or long-term care facility. Infections alongside traditional safety issues, including food safety, have become serious issues globally. In the US alone, the CDC (Center of Disease Control) reports that hospital-acquired diseases kill about 90,000 people per year.

Merging traditional practices with technology substantially helps increase hospital hygiene. Since bacterial and fungal pathogens are responsible for vast number of hospital- borne infections, growing number of hospitals are resorting to digital bracelets or badges that light up to remind medical staff to wash their hands between patients.

Taking the right actions to improve hospital hygiene is critical to patients’ health. Tech- companies worldwide work hand-in-hand with manufactures to develop products that help reduce hospital borne diseases.


Cambro Manufacturing: The Antimicrobial Camguard® Versa Tray for Food Service

You may not think a tray used to serve meals can have a big impact on safety but this tray does just that. The Antimicrobial Camguard Versa tray is embedded with antimicrobial technology that prevents bacteria and fungus from growing and spreading.

This protection cannot be washed off and lasts for the life of the tray. Tray is currently available for international markets.

GP3980A83 w Blue lids HR VT1418ABA83 w Red lids HR

Biovigil: Handwash Reminder

Biovigil Inc. developed a device, similar to standard identification badge, to detect hand hygiene by a flashing light that turns green when hands are clean, red if they’re not.

Hygenix: Hygiene Sensors

Hyginex, developed a similar digital device in the form of bracelets that work alongside sensor-embedded soap dispensers to detect if the user has washed their hands properly. It also tracks actual hand movements to improve the quality of hand wash.

As you can see by the following infographic, hand hygiene is crucial to hospital operations.

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