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Protect Your Customers, Brand and Livelihood with HACCP

2013 NEHA logoCambro was in attendance today at the NEHA AEC – HACCP Educational Session which focused on new mandates regarding preventive controls and important information on how food operators can protect their liability, brand and livelihood by implementing food safety management plans to reduce the risk of a food safety outbreak.  Managing food safety risks in restaurants and retails operations has never been more important.

Did You Know?

The annual cost of foodborne illness in terms of pain and suffering, reduced productivity, and medical costs is estimated to be $80+ billion. – 2001 Food Code Public Health Service – Food & Drug Administration U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Lobby of Food Safety Experts Victoria Griffin HACCP Trainer

Top 5 Foodborne Illness Risk Factors Include:

  1. Food from unsafe sources
  2. Inadequate cooking
  3. Improper holding temperatures
  4. Contaminated equipment
  5. Poor personal hygiene

“Every player in the flow of food from farm to fork has some degree of responsibility for food safety. As foodservice operators you are the last line of defense before food reaches the consumer,” shared Victoria Griffith who led the HACCP Educational session and is a credentialed Certified Professional in Food Safety with over 15 years of experience.


HACCP implementation embodies a preventative rather than reactive approach to food safety.  The goal in applying HACCP principles in foodservice is to have the operator, take purposeful actions to ensure safe food.

“Just like a well-played chess game, building a food safety management system takes time, patience, and determination.”

Victoria Griffith, President of Griffith Safety Group a credentialed Certified Professional in Food Safety with over 15 years of experience managing quality assurance for large-scale high-volume restaurants.

On Twitter: Victoria Griffith @foodsafetyqueen

The National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) is an educational and professional organization that represents and supports professionals in the field of environmental health throughout the United States.

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