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The Big Salad: Food Safety Pays Off

The Big Salad: Beth and JohnCould it be possible that another individual exists that is as enthusiastic and passionate about food storage as we are? Well it is true.  In fact, there is not just one, but two of them.  We first met co-owners John and Beth Bornoty from The Big Salad last year at the NRA Show in Chicago. They were winners of our $5,000 StoreSafe Contest. But long before our introduction in Chicago, they were die-hard Cambro fans.  Their story and Beth’s passion for proper food storage and organization inspired us so much that we were motivated to make the journey to Michigan to witness first-hand the secret to their success.

Serving fresh food, maintaining extremely low waste levels and enforcing food safety practices are a top priority for The Big Salad. Freshness is achieved with produce that is first cut and picked from farms, immediately delivered to their stores and stored exclusively in Cambro color-coded, air-tight containers.   These air-tight storage containers keep the produce fresh longer, maximizing its shelf life and helping them achieve a mere 2% overall waste levels, far lower than the industry-average of 8%.

Can you beat this? 2% overall waste levels – yes, a mere 2% for a restaurant that deals mainly in produce!

The clear, see-thru containers reduce product handling making it easy for staff to efficiently take real-time inventory; ensuring that everything that is stored on their shelves is the freshest and safest possible.

Let’s see it in action!

Video 1: John Bornaty – The Vision for The Big Salad

Video 2: Beth Bornaty – The Process for The Big Salad

Video 3: Marina Trejo – The Management for The Big Salad

Beth and John also share some of the success to The Big Salad in the January issue of Foodservice Equipment and Supplies magazine: Read the article here.

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