Cambro Featured Business of the Week

Westside Grill: Cambro Featured Foodservice Business of the Week

Westside Grill: Cambro Business of the weekIf we had to pick a side in Staunton, VA it’d have to be the West side – – as in the Westside Grill. This week’s Featured Foodservice Business is shared by Regina Morris, owner of this local eatery that serves “homestyle food at a homestyle restaurant.”

What inspired Regina to get into the ownership side of the foodservice business?

“Have worked in the foodservice since 1975 and decided I would like to work for myself.”

What does she love the most about her business?

The variety of food to work with, the recipes you come up with that your customers fall in love with and the people you meet on a daily basis.

From the oddest/coolest/most interesting thing to happen to the West Side Grill, Regina chose the oddest:

The oddest thing is that we have done every kind of advertising you can think of and yet almost daily for the last 4 years we have heard “we didn’t know you were here”.

What has been the biggest business challenge they have faced?

The upward battle to make it through the economy changes of 2012 especially the rising cost of food almost daily. It has not only been a challenge, but also a daily struggle.

And of course, we’re always curious to know what Cambro products help the West Side Grill work?

We use all size Cambro pans, full size, half size, 1/9 pans, 1/6 pans, 1/4 pans & 1/3 pans in 2,4 & 6 inches. They enable us to store all foods, keep foods cold or hot on our tables and put up some beautiful buffets.

Excellent! Thanks to Regina for sharing her story and we wish her continued success!

As the featured foodservice business of the week, Westside Grill will receive a storage container gift pack.

Link to the Westside Grill:


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