FoodService Links of the Week: December 2

We’re starting a new weekly series showcasing some of the most interesting and sometimes noteworthy foodservice and food-related stories from around the world.

Chocolate Train: Cambro Links of the WeekChocolate Train

What do you do with 2,700 pounds of Belgian chocolate? Make a 100 foot long chocolate train!



OCD Chef Cutting Board: Cambro LinksThe Obsessive Chef Cutting Board

If you’re obsessed with angles and dicing perfection, this may be the cutting board for you.


McDonald's Bagel Burger in France: Cambro linkMcDonald’s France Has Bagel Burgers

If your burger bun in France looks a bit different, it’s because McDonald’s is rolling out new burgers with bagel buns!



Bacon Shaving Cream: Cambro linksBacon-Flavored Shaving Cream

If your current shaving cream lacks that breakfast smell, then this bacon shaving cream may be the thing for you!



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