Food Safety: Eliminating the Hazards of Cross Contamination Webcast Summary

Cambro was proud to sponsor a recent webcast on the topic of food safety. Specifically how foodservice operators can eliminate the hazards of cross contamination. FoodService Equipment & Supplies magazine put on the event and has two great panelists: Chuck Day, Manning Brothers, Athens, Georgia and Clay Hosh, Instructional Design Manager, National Restaurant Association, Chicago, Illinois.

View: The webcast is still available online – click here to listen to it.

Download: You can also download the PDF presentation and get more tips on preventing cross-contamination: 2012 Food Safety: Cross Contamination Presentation

Here are some of the key takeaways from this session.

What is cross-contamination: The introduction of a pathogen (bacteria or a virus) into a food zone.

1. Is there a single point of origin where cross contamination enters a foodservice operation?

  • Cross contamination can occur in all areas of a foodservice operation.
  • Can start at the front door with the hostess and menus and continues through to the wait staff’s handling of tables, glassware and more.
  • Back of the house example can include not handling the storage of deliveries properly.

2. Cold Storage: Preventing Cross Contamination

  • Storage order is important.
  • Ready to eat foods on top and items with the highest cook temps on the
  • Joy of Six: Keep food at least six inches off the floor and away from the wall.
  • Monitor time and temp of deliveries and store them in a timely manner.

3. Dry Storage: Preventing Cross Contamination

  • Keep chemicals away from food.
  • Rotate product.
  • Label products to know what to use when.
  • Be wary of allergens.
  • Remember the Joy of Six.
  • Frequent inspections.
  • Train staff on best practices for storage.

4. Food Storage Containers: Preventing Cross Contamination

  • Use only containers designated for food.
  • Look for the NSF label.
  • Need to be sealable and leak proof.
  • If you use something to hold chemicals don’t use that to hold food again.

Download the PDF presentation and get more tips on preventing cross-contamination: 2012 Food Safety: Cross Contamination Presentation

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  1. One of the major causes of contaminated food is dirty kitchens. You cant even see most of the dirt and that becomes dangerous for us. A good kitchen cleaning company should be employed to prevent food from contamination.

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