Combo Cart Plus: Hot and Cold Holding with the Most Versatile Transporter on the Market!

Cambro’s latest addition to its line of insulated transport products allows unlimited versatility in holding sheet pans, GN food pans, trays and even pizza boxes!  These transporters come with two separate compartments and offer the flexibility of heating one or both compartments.  Non-electric models are also available.  Because of the high-density polyurethane insulation throughout the unit, both cold and hot food can safely be held out of the danger zone for up to 4 hours, even when unplugged.  The electric models are over 50% more energy efficient than leading metal cabinets and feature a tough polyethylene exterior that will not rust or dent and remains cool to the touch during operation.


Key Features

Non-Electric Models:

  • Passive hot or cold holding for 4 hours or more.
  • Durable, rust-free, dent-free, one-piece molded polyethylene body filled with polyurethane foam insulation that easily holds food at safe temperatures and out of the danger zone.
  • Adjustable stainless steel Universal rails take the guesswork out of choosing different rail systems each time.




Electric Models:

  • All of the features of a non-electric models plus
  • Separate, dual compartments with heaters on one or both doors maximize food quality and menu flexibility.
  • Available in energy-efficient 110V and 220V models.




Holding Capacity

Each cart holds up to:

  • 32 full size sheet pans,
  • 64 half size sheet pans,
  • 28 GN 1⁄1 food pans (21⁄2″ / 6,5 cm deep),
  • 20 GN 1⁄1 food pans (4″ / 10 cm deep),
  • 32 each 40 x 60 cm trays,
  • 52 each 32,5 x 53 cm trays or
  • 22 large pizza boxes per cart.

The Combo Cart Plus is ideal for…
Large events • Applications that require frequent opening and closing • Flexible menu options
Holding and Transport • Operators who demand reliability and durability, under peak performance

Combo Cart Plus Spec Sheet

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