Cambro Introduces New Cart to Optimize Healthcare Meal Delivery

Cambro Manufacturing presents the Tall 20-Tray Meal Delivery Cart, a versatile and innovative solution designed to streamline meal distribution while enhancing efficiency in healthcare facilities. The cart is designed with a higher profile to provide a smaller footprint while maintaining a large capacity. The Tall 20-Tray Meal Delivery Cart will optimize how meals are delivered in hospitals, nursing homes and post-acute care settings.

meal delivery cart MDC1520T20 gif

With a capacity for 20 trays, meals are easily loaded in the kitchen and quickly distributed through hallways. The Tall 20-Tray Meal Delivery Cart glides effortlessly through healthcare facilities. Unlike noisy metal carts, the 20-Tray Meal Delivery Cart is constructed with molded-in rails that won’t rattle and heavy duty wheels made with quiet nylon.

The Tall 20-Tray Meal Delivery Cart is engineered with a built-in venting feature that allows meals to stay fresh and constructed with thick, high-quality CFC-free foam insulation to maintain hot or cold temperatures.

Meal Delivery Cart Tall 20-tray bullet outline

In areas with limited workspace, the Tall 20-Tray Meal Delivery Cart is available with an optional tilt-up end table for employees to set trays, water pitchers and more. Menu holders on each door allow employees to display offerings for each day and easily identify what is inside.

The 20 Tray Meal Delivery Cart is NSF listed and Made in the USA, further supporting Cambro’s commitment to providing innovative solutions that are food safe, durable. 

Enhance the daily operations your healthcare facilities with the 20 Tray Meal Delivery Cart. Contact your local Cambro Sales rep to get started today!


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