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5 Innovative Ways to Use Cambro Products

Cambro has long been a trusted name in the foodservice industry, known for their high-quality, durable, and functional offerings. From food storage to meal transportation, their products have revolutionized the way kitchens and dining establishments operate. However, we’ve frequently seen people take it a step further. We rounded up 5 ways people have unlocked the potential of our containers and equipment in ways you might never have imagined.

1. MiracleBro

Not only can Cambro containers help your business grow, but you can also use them to grow plants too. Dennis MacDonald used a 2qt. CamSquare to sprout pea shoots. First, he soaks the seeds and once they sprout a little tail, he moves them to a CamSquare and tops it with a lid for about 5 days. After they start springing, he takes the lid off and allows them to take in some sun. A few weeks later, he has full, tasty shoots!

When you’re a chef, having Cambro containers on hand comes with the territory. When Instagram’s Not Bad Cooks needed something to help watering their plants, they turned to their trusty 22qt Translucent Rounds.

miracle grow cambro

“We are team Cambro for life 😎. Their brand is all we use in our commissary kitchen. The quality speaks for itself, but what is really helpful is the range of products they carry,” said Not Bad Cooks.

                ProTip: Not Bad Cooks purchases their Cambro containers at Costco and Costco Business Center.

2. Champagne Chiller

Looking for a classy decoration that will impress your guests? We sent Zoë François a virtual cheers when we saw the champagne chiller she made using our 6qt Translucent Round. First, fill the container with 4qt of water. Next, float a deli container full of raw ice halfway in the container and add plastic flowers or berries as decorations into the Round. Put a lid on and put something heavy over the top to keep the lid from popping off. Put in the freezer for 2 days and voila!

3. Bulk Ingredient Storage Drawers

Cambro is one of the only times taking your work home with you is a good thing. Many chefs tell us they not only use Cambro products at work, but they also use them at home. Chef Michael Hauschild, Founder of InHaus Cooking, customized drawers to perfectly fit CamSquares; they hold bulk ingredients like flours, sugars, protein powder and more. Now, Hauschild has easy access to his ingredients while having the peace of mind that they’ll be kept fresh and safe from critters.

4. CamGyver

macguyverWhen you’re in a “make it work” moment, sometimes you have to use whatever you have on hand. For many chefs, that’s Cambro.

When Blues Tacos lost a wheel on their plancha, they grabbed a 1qt Translucent Round and kept working!

Instagram user @Diemad_land needed to transport her kegerator, but the wheel wells on the truck prevented it from fitting. She slid a CamSquare underneath and suddenly the kegerator fit just right. We’re happy to report the CamSquare never cracked under pressure either!

5. Transporting cake in a GoBox

Cakes are gorgeous, delicate creations that need to be transported with care. When the weather is warm, it’s especially imperative to keep cakes protected from the elements. Previously, Chef Isabelle Boizis stuck 2 boxes together to fit a 3 tiered cake with a 12-inch board at the base. She discovered that she could use a Top Loading Cam GoBox® instead, and even had enough room to put additional cooling tools on the side if necessary. 

ProTip: Line your car boot with upholstery pads to soften the shocks from the road during transport. Click here to read Boizis’ full wedding cake delivery advice.

We are consistently impressed when we see the innovative ways Cambro products are used both in and out of the foodservice industry. Do you have a creative use for your Cambro products? Comment your solution below!


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