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Why This Chef Stopped Using Deli Containers

Oftentimes when we suggest to a chef that they stop using deli containers, they recoil in horror. Not their beloved deli containers—anything but the deli containers. We get it, when you’ve been using something your entire career, it can be difficult to give it up. Change can be scary, but it’s also needed for progress and growth.

There was never a legitimate alternative to deli containers until we launched our CamSquares® FreshPro Mini, the food industry’s first commercial grade ½ qt and 1 qt reusable deli containers. While deli containers do have a number of advantages, they have an equal—if not greater—number of disadvantages. After Chef Drew Wagner at Thyme and Seasons Catering in Lancaster, Penn., started using CamSquares FreshPro Mini, they say they’re never going back!

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1. Less Waste

“We really like the [Cambro] pints and quarts because we don’t have to throw them away after we use them, and we use them a lot,” said Wagner.

Previously, Wagner ordered at least a case each of the quart and pint size containers a month, equating to 960 pieces of plastic going in the trash each month. Thyme and Seasons is primarily a wedding venue, hosting more than 150 weddings a year. When they only needed a small amount of ingredients for tastings, deli containers were all they knew until their local Cambro rep suggested trying the CamSquares FreshPro Mini.

“If we have a menu tasting for an upcoming client, we can just prep the little bit that we need. You might just need a pint of sauce to go with that, chopped garlic ready to go. Just little things,” said Wagner.

“We don’t have to make a bucket or throw out a little deli container. We can throw it in one of [CamSquares FreshPro Mini]. That’s where they really shine.”

2. Save Money

Not only is ordering cases of deli containers causing literal waste, but it’s also wasting money. Every month, Wagner had to spend at least $65 on deli containers. With CamSquares FreshPro Mini, Wagner only had to purchase 72 containers and lids once to sustain their operation. Although it may have been an investment to start, they won’t have to continue ordering disposable containers each month anymore.

3. Save Space

Despite what people would like you to think, it’s hip to be square. Deli containers are traditionally round but morphing them into a square shape is much more space efficient. In fact, square shaped containers provide 33% better space usage than round containers.

“The square shape fits better in the walk in; you don’t have all that wasted space in the corners. They’re a little shorter, but they have the same volume; I like that too,” said Wagner.

4. Less Breakage and Smells

minis at restaurantRemember those disadvantages we mentioned? Deli containers aren’t cats, they aren’t meant to have 9 lives. After a couple uses, deli containers start to smell, and when they’re stored in cold temperatures, they can become cracked and broken down.

“The amount of sauces I’ve ruined by accidentally breaking the deli container—that’s irritating,” said Wagner. “You can sort of reuse the delis, but they pick up scents and stuff like that. I haven’t really noticed that from the Cambros.”

CamSquares FreshPro Mini are made with a translucent material that is easy to clean, withstands temperatures -40°F to 160°F (-40°C to 70°C) and is acid, stain and odors resistant.

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