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2 Ways to Hold Hot Food in a Sprinter Van

In the fast-paced and demanding realm of food transportation, efficiency and mobility are paramount, and that’s where Sprinter vans come in. These versatile and reliable vehicles have become an indispensable asset for catering companies of all sizes, enabling them to navigate urban jungles, transport culinary delights and deliver exceptional service to their clients. Schools with central kitchens have also embraced Sprinter vans as a way to transport food to satellite locations. If you’re considering using a Sprinter Van, we have 2 ways to keep your hot food safe during transport.

Large Insulated Transport Units

A chef working for a school only had a Sprinter van available to transport food from a central kitchen to second location. He needed large units that could hold hotel pans and sheet pans; the Pro Cart Ultra® and Pro Cart Ultra® Pan Carrier were ideal, but they were too tall. Once the chef measured and realized the units would fit without wheels, it was decided.

The chef was happy that the installation process was quick and didn’t require drilling or screwing. Currently, they’re only traveling a few minutes away, but the chef liked the fact that they could purchase their units passive but add on cooling and heating in the future if they felt it became a need.

When asked why he chose the Cambro units he replied, “Is there another option? I think you go with what you know. We know Cambro and we know what they do. Because it was something we needed to do so quickly, we went with what we knew.”

Pro Cart Ultra Benefits:

  • Rust-proof and dent-resistant exterior
  • Maintains hot food at safe temperatures for 4+ hours
  • Adjustable stainless steel rails hold food pans, sheet pans, trays and large pizza boxes

Pro Cart Ultra Pan Carrier Benefits:

  • Maintains hot food at safe temperatures for 4+ hours
  • Holds food pans
  • Slim profile

Small Insulated Transport Unit

The UPCH400 is designed to provide both electric and non-electric hot holding. Using gentle, non-radiant heat, the UPCH400 protects prepped food without drying it out.

“I use [the UPCH400] to transport; I use it to hot-hold the food and serve when I’m doing the food truck,” said Jaime Soltero Jr., owner of Tamale Boy.

Electricity is commonly available for Sprinter vans. The UPCH400 has a three-minute heat recovery time when plugged in to a 110 volt outlet, making it an ideal insulated food transportation unit during service. 

UPCH400 Benefits:

  • Maintains hot food at safe temperatures for 4+ hours
  • One-hour preheat time
  • Durable exterior
  • Holds food pans

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