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5 Reasons Why Your Kitchen Needs a Can Rack

If your foodservice operation uses #10 cans and you’re not already using a can rack, this blog is going to rock your world. Some people think they can live without a can rack—and they can—but why would you want to? Simply put, the Ultimate #10 Can Rack is the best way to store canned food. We guarantee you’ll agree by the time you reach reason #5.

10 can rack

1. Increase Storage—Everywhere!

If you’re currently storing cans on top of your shelves, you were led here by your guardian angel to help you see the light. Storing cans on top of shelving is a complete and utter waste of space. Katie Evans, Nutrition Services Manager at Stillwater Area High School, was using THREE entire shelves to hold their cans, and there still wasn’t enough room to hold all of their stock. Rather than putting 150 cans on shelves, Evans’ local Cambro sales rep suggested using the Ultimate #10 Can Rack.

Using Camshelving® Premium Series as a foundation, one full-size can rack holds 96 #10 cans, and Evan thought that would be enough. Shortly afterward, Evans reconsidered and ordered the 3 full-size can racks her rep recommended; all three racks have since been consistently filled with cans. Previously, they didn’t have enough storage for all of the cans and would have to store the broken case somewhere else until they were ready to use it. Now, their backstock area has been freed up because their racks can handle everything.

2. Easy Inventory Control

When foodservice professionals are looking for a particular can, they will move things around until they find what they need. No matter how hard you try, this search will cause cans to get moved out of place and cause major disorganization. The Ultimate #10 Can Rack has a front-loading, gravity-fed system that simplifies inventory.  

“With the cans being on the roller, it’s so easy for me to do my inventory. I know exactly how many can fit on each roll, and it’s so easy, I can just go back and glance, whereas before, I had to sift through and look at the cases and then count the cases,” said Evans.

3. Safer Working Conditions

When you’re lifting numerous cans that are stored on lower shelves, it is very easy to accidentally hurt yourself. Evans uses at least 3 cases of canned fruit a day, which amounts to 16 cans. After they got the Ultimate #10 Can Rack, staff could easily grab one can as they needed it instead of lifting up a full, heavy case.

“It’s so much easier for my staff to just take how many they need at a time,” said Evans. “I have student workers that work with me that have disabilities. With the can rolling rack, they find it fun to take out the cans, put them on and roll it.”

4. Actually Maintain FIFO

Every day, cans get shoved to the back of shelves never to be seen again. Before you know it, you’re cleaning out your shelving and finding cans that expired 2 months ago. Not only are you wasting money, but you are also contributing food waste. With the Ultimate #10 Can Rack’s front loading design, you’re guaranteed to maintain FIFO (First In, First Out).

“I was skeptical at the beginning because we do cases at a time, but…it’s so easy to FIFO; makes that part of my job just a little bit easier,” said Evans.

5. Keep Cans in One Place

Rolling can racks can find themselves all over the kitchen. While their wheels are supposed to provide convenience, they actually end up getting pushed around to different areas because they don’t fit with the rest of your shelving design. The Ultimate #10 Can Rack fits seamlessly with Camshelving. You can add can racks to existing Camshelving, Camshelving Premium Series High Density Storage System or an entirely new unit. If you want to put your can rack next to an existing Camshelving unit, they can be connected, allowing you to use your space as efficiently as possible.

Our Ultimate #10 Can Rack will take you from “I think I can” to “I know I can.” Contact your local Cambro sales rep to get started today!


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