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The Best Catering Products for Outdoor Events

Outdoor events offer a unique and vibrant ambiance that can elevate any gathering. As a catering professional, it’s essential to equip yourself with the right tools and products to ensure an unforgettable dining experience for your clients and guests. Whether you’re catering a wedding reception, corporate picnic or festive celebration, we rounded up the best catering products specifically designed for outdoor events that will allow you to maximize efficiency while providing exceptional service.  

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1. Food and Beverage Service

  • High Heat H-Pans™: These all-in-one pans can go from prep, to cooler, to oven, to transport and straight to service. Safe up to 375°F, High Heat H-Pans fit tightly in chafing dishes, eliminating the need for disposable food pans. Plus, their non-stick interior makes it easy to serve every last bit of food!
  • Beverage Dispensers: Invest in large-capacity beverage dispensers that maintain the temperature of drinks. For upscale, indoor events, choose our contemporary Camserver®, which protects hot or cold beverages for at least 4 hours without electricity and is equipped with a top-fill opening to refill without having to remove its cover. For casual, outdoor events, choose our classic Camtainers® and Ultra Camtainers. Designed to withstand outdoor heat and cold for decades, Camtainers will keep beverages at the ideal temperature long after the last slice of cake is served.
  • Insulated Food Carriers: Keep prepared dishes fresh and at the ideal temperature by using professional grade insulated food carriers during transport and holding. Cambro offers insulated transport units in a variety of sizes and materials in order to accommodate every catering service in the business!
    • If you’re new or running a restaurant: Cam GoBoxes® are lightweight, durable and temperature retentive; anyone can lift them and they’ll last you for years!
    • If this isn’t your first rodeo: Utilize a mix of our GoBoxes and insulated front loading food pan carriers. GoBoxes are lightweight and easy to maneuver while our wide variety of food pan carriers can fall off a truck and still ask for more. Having both in your arsenal allows you to be flexible depending on which types and amounts of food you’re transporting.
    • If you’re a catering machine: With the level of volume you’re catering, you need a double decker. Choose from an array of electric and non-electric carts that can accommodate food pans, sheet pans, trays, and large pizza boxes.

2. Portable Beverage Bars and Serving Stations

  • Portable Beverage Bars: Offer a well-stocked, professional bar experience outdoors with CamBars. Available in 3 sizes, each CamBar is equipped with an ice bin, shelves for glassware, mixers and alcohol and ample counter space for bartenders to work their magic.
  • Pop-up Tents and Canopies: Shield your serving stations from the elements with sturdy, easy-to-set-up pop-up tents or canopies. These structures provide shade and protection against rain and the blazing sun, ensuring guest comfort and uninterrupted service.

3. Outdoor Seating and Dining Essentials

  • Folding Tables and Chairs: Sometimes catering brings you to spaces without the basic necessities like tables and chairs. Sturdy materials will withstand outdoor conditions while providing comfort to guests. Invest in furniture that is high-quality, foldable and for easy setup and storage.
  • Outdoor Tableware: Choose from Cambro’s wide variety of durable and shatterproof tumblers to serve drinks and compostable plates and utensils to serve snacks, meals and dessert. These options are not only eco-friendly but also ensure safety and convenience for outdoor dining..

4. Ice and Refrigeration

  • Ice Caddies: Keep your cool with rolling ice caddies. Our SlidingLid™ Ice Caddies keep ice frozen for days—literally—thanks to their superior insulation and a specially designed recessed well that protects ice from melted water. Plus, our unique SlidingLid slides back and under during use, allowing you to easily access ice.
  • Mobile Refrigeration Units: For large-scale outdoor events, consider renting or investing in mobile refrigeration units. These cold storage solutions enable you to keep perishable items fresh and readily accessible throughout the event.

Equip yourself with catering products that are specifically designed for outdoor events in order to enhance your efficiency, convenience and overall performance. Gear up, stock up and get ready to delight guests with top-notch service and a fantastic dining experience under the open sky! Contact your local Cambro sales rep today to get started.


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