Quiz: Which Cambro Lid are You?

Behind every Cambro container is a Cambro Lid that is essential to keeping its contents fresh. Using a lid drastically decreases the chances of cross-contamination and encourages food to stay fresher longer. Every Cambro lid was designed with a specific function in mind. Do you make people flip their lids? Or are you a dependable classic like a CamSquare Colored Lid? Take our Quiz, Which Cambro Lid are You?

More information about your Cambro lid:

bartender with camsquare

CamSquare® Colored Lids

These lids are a Cambro classic! Colored Lids snap onto all CamSquares, regardless of material, for incredible flexibility in the kitchen. Easily match the right lid to the right container with three bold colors for small, medium, and large sizes.

easy seal cover

Seal Covers

Would you like your produce to stay fresh up to three days longer? Using Cambro Seal Covers, it’s possible! Designed with an inner seal that literally seals your food away from air and possible contaminants, Seal Covers have the power to keep delicate foods like guacamole from spoiling too soon. In addition, topping your Camwear Food Pans and CamSquares with a Seal Cover ensures contents are kept safe and secure while still being easy to access.


Camwear FlipLids®

Take your food safety a step further with Camwear FlipLids. Designed to keep food fresh, safe and accessible, Camwear FlipLids are ideal for prep tables and serving stations. FlipLids are extremely affective at reducing cross contamination opportunities while still making ingredients easy to reach. Using FlipLids keeps your tables clean, organized and professional looking. FlipLids are available in GN 1/2, 1/3, and 1/6 sizes.


Camwear GripLids®

Have you ever had liquid splash out of a food pan as you were carrying it? You should have covered it with a Camwear GripLid. Say goodbye to spills, drips and messy pans. The Camwear GripLid has a molded-in polyurethane gasket that keeps slippery food like soups and sauces locked-in while maintaining freshness, flavor and quality. GripLids are available in GN 1/1, 1/2, 1/3, and 1/6 sizes.


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