4 Ways to Prepare for Your Summer Feeding Program

In 2021, the Summer Food Service Program provided meals to 5.1 million children a day across the country, according to the USDA. Without the Summer Food Service Programs, many children would not have access to healthy and nutritious food otherwise.

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When schools provide meals over the summer, students can experience better health, education and economic benefits, according to a study from No Kid Hungry. The study found that summer meals can help decrease the likelihood of weight gain and cognitive decline while school is out. Long-term, maintaining meal distribution could help increase high school graduation rates and reduce the chances of developing chronic disease.

Whether your district is preparing meals in a central kitchen or on site, hot and cold offerings need to be held at safe temperatures before and during transportation and distribution. We have 4 key products you need to keep your Summer Food Service Program running round and round.

1. Cam GoBoxes®

goboxesArlington School District purchased 50 Top Loading Cam GoBoxes to safely deliver summer meals to distribution sites. Made with high performance expanded polypropylene, GoBoxes maintain hot or cold temperatures for at least four hours. In addition to their superior insulation, GoBoxes are ideal for transporting summer meals because they are lightweight enough for anyone to carry. However, don’t be deceived by their airy disposition, they are extremely durable and are resistant to most oil, grease, and chemicals.

gobagIf you’re short on space, our foldable Delivery GoBags will be the ultimate insulated food transportation product for you. Made of thick, sturdy nylon fabric, foldable Delivery GoBags keep their shape while in use and conveniently fold down to fit on any shelf. Delivery GoBags are constructed with dense, high quality insulation to maintain hot or cold temperatures. If space isn’t an issue for you, 5 additional sizes ensure that there is a delivery GoBag to suit your needs.

flex stationThe Flex Station’s versatility makes it a must-have for every school. During the summer, you can use it to provide grab-N-go meals on site or on the curb. During the school year, you can use it for grab-N-go breakfast and lunch, snacks and more. The Flex Station is ideal for schools working with less staff because it’s easy for one employee to stock it with food, wheel in place and serve it by themselves. Plus, if for some reason your school stops providing grab-N-go, you can fill with shelf plates and use it as shelving in your kitchen. With the Flex Station, the possibilities are endless.

4. Insulated Transport Units

No one wants a cold burrito or a hot salad! Cambro insulated transport units keep food at safe temperatures to make sure students get their items in great condition. The most difficult decision you’ll have to make is choosing between our wide variety of units.

  • Pro Cart Ultra® Pan Carrier: If you’re transporting food pans to central kitchens, the Pro Cart Ultra Pan Carrier allows you to keep everything hot or cold with the option of electricity to increase holding time. This option is ideal if you hold food year-round.
  • Pro Cart Ultra: Hold and transport food pans, sheet pans, trays and large pizza boxes with the Pro Cart Ultra. This adaptable unit can hold hot and cold food in the same cart at the same time.
  • Ultra Pan Carriers: With the option of electric or passive, Ultra Pan Carriers are available to hold four to sixteen food pans. Easily roll them out to distribute hot food like burritos over the summer and to hold pans of food ahead of lunchtime during the school year.
Pro Carts

The best thing about Cambro products is they are created with numerous uses in mind. Prepare for Summer Food Service Programs while knowing your items will be useful all year long! Contact your local Cambro sales rep to get started today!


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