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RUSH University Medical Center’s Innovative Solution for On-the-Go Meals

Healthcare facilities are typically concerned with how to provide food to their patients, but there are dozens of visitors and employees who often need meals while they are there. Traditionally, you’d have to searching through hallways to find the cafeteria in the building, but a more modern approach is to make food available in high traffic areas. Not only is it more convenient for visitors and employees, but it also puts your food within the line of sight. Who hasn’t experienced hunger pains after seeing food nearby?

Located in Chicago, Illi., it was especially important to RUSH University Medical Center to make meals more readily available for employees. Because of the number of patients they were experiencing, breaks were more important than ever. However, when they had to walk around and try to find food, employees were having very little time to actually enjoy their breaks.

RUSH chose the Cambro Vending Cart to because it’s able to support safe temperature maintenance, it’s easy to maneuver and it has the ability to be personalized.

Temperature Maintenance

In order to keep their menu items at the right temperatures, RUSH uses a Camchiller® underneath containers of cold food and put their hot food into a front loading Cam GoBox®, which perfectly fits inside the middle compartment.

“James is very good at keeping the menu fresh and people really enjoy getting hot food and specials from our restaurant right off of the cart,” said Erica Block, Senior Director of Food and Nutrition Services at RUSH.


Designed with 5 swivel locking casters, the Cambro Vending Cart glides through hallways and through doorways to anywhere you need it.


Grab the attention of everyone who walks by your Cambro Vending Cart by personalizing it with your logo or eye-catching graphic.

“The marketing was a big piece because it adds that extra flare and they know we’re coming with the big green cart…they can see us coming down the hallway, which is exciting,” said Block.

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RUSH worked with their reps, Mirk Group, to create their ideal cart.

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