3 Terrifying Things About Metal Shelving

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Metal shelving has been the standard in kitchens since the dawn of time. Not because it’s the best, or any good at all really, but because it’s always been there. It’s easy to get complacent in your equipment when you don’t know there is another option. We’re here to tell you to clear out the cobwebs and put metal shelving in the graveyard where it belongs. These 3 truths about metal shelving are truly terrifying.

1. Money is Dead on Arrival

Many proponents of metal shelving support it because it’s inexpensive. We like a bargain as much as the next chef, but there are some things you can’t skimp on—and shelving is one of them. Look at the cost of just one unit of metal shelving compared to Camshelving® overtime:

Now, we all know that kitchens need way more than one shelving unit. So, if you have 10 units, you’ll end up spending $18,000 after 15 years. When you get 10 units of Camshelving Premium Series®, even after 15 years, your total investment remains at $5,700 because Camshelving never rusts or corrodes.

2. Warps Time

We can say with confidence that absolutely no one thinks metal shelving is easy to clean, which is one reason why it’s rarely cleaned. Over time, spilled food, rust and corrosion begins to build up on top of the shelving at a result. The chances for cross-contamination at that point are high; something may flake off into your food or your hands might touch it before touching ingredients.

For restaurants that are committed to a cleaning regimen, a chef typically has to set aside time from their duties to take all the food off each shelf in order to lift each shelf off the unit for it to be scrubbed outside. This process can take hours, and yet the shelves never look good as new. With labor shortages a new normal, you can’t afford to take a chef off cooking duties to clean your shelving.

All three models of Camshelving are extremely easy to clean, in fact, it’s one of the first things chefs mention when we ask them what they like about it. You can either wipe up spills with a cloth or take off shelf plates and run them through a dishwasher—without having to take the entire unit apart!

3. Eerily Inefficient

The back of house never has enough space, but metal shelving makes it even worse. The biggest problem is that metal shelving can only be configured one way; your only option is to stand them next each other. The more units you have, the more poles you have–creating wasted space.

Camshelving corrects both of those problems by connecting shelving units together.


    • Open Corners: Without a pole standing in the way, the corners of Camshelving are easy to reach, allowing you to use every inch of your shelving effectively. Chefs can easily reach into the corner to get what they need instead of moving a bunch of containers out of the way.


    • Shared Posts: Camshelving units are designed to share posts in order to use every single centimeter of your storage spaces.

If you’re sick of the tricks and ready for the treats, Camshelving is for you. Contact your local Cambro sales rep for an exorcism of your storage space.

*Estimated cost of shelving;  purchase price may vary.


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