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Seafood Company Becomes Hooked On Cambro GoBoxes

“Well, I’m hooked. You’re not getting it back.” That’s what Peter Rauen, Corporate R&D Chef for Seattle Fish Co., said after he tried the Cam GoBox®. He was making a meal for charity organization We Don’t Waste and asked his local Cambro rep, Elevation Foodservice, to test one of their GoBoxes out.

The GoBox passed the test and Rauen ordered more to help him transport both fresh and frozen fish.

Despite its name, Seattle Fish Co. has been delivering fish for more than 100 years to restaurants and retailers in Denver, Colo. Originally shipped by rail car, today Seattle Fish co. packs their seafood in special shipping containers to preserve its quality while its transported into Denver seven days a week.

“I take samples out to current customers and potential customers and when I saw these Cambro GoBoxes, I fell in love with them because they’re lightweight, they’re great to use and they hold your food in them very well,” said Rauen.

GoBoxes are durable yet lightweight because they’re made with high quality expanded polypropylene. Not only does this special material keep food at safe hot or cold temperatures for at least 4 hours, dishwasher safe and 100% recyclable.

“One of the neat things about [the GoBoxes] is we do a lot of frozen as well as fresh, so sometimes I’m carrying around dry ice and they seal so well. Dry ice is kind of tricky if you have it in the car and everything so, it’s been very valuable for me for my samples,” said Rauen.

Previously, Rauen relied on used Styrofoam and heavy coolers, but neither option was satisfactory. Fish is known to have a certain smell that can be difficult to get rid of, but the GoBoxes have been working swimmingly for Rauen.

“[The GoBoxes clean really well, they don’t retain any of the moisture or any odors or anything once you clean them,” said Rauen.

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