High Schools Adapt to Foodservice Demands with New Vending Cart

It’s not uncommon to see an old Cambro vending cart still putting in the hours on school campuses. We design our vending carts with rust, dent, and break resistant plastic to make them as durable as possible.

“I’ve been here 22 years and we’ve always had a Cambro cart in some form or fashion,” said Denis Vorrises, Director of Student Nutrition at San Mateo Union High School District.

While his old Cambro carts were still in working condition, Vorrises decided to buy the new Cambro Vending Carts when he had the funding available.

“We strategically place them at points that will go where the students are that aren’t close to the other serving areas. So, if a campus has a cafeteria on the east side, we’ll go to the west side with the cart,” said Vorrises.

Vorrises was attracted to multiple aspects of the cart:

1. Personalization Capabilities

The Cambro Vending Cart can be customized with different colors or logos.

“Initially, they showed me [the Cambro Vending Cart] and because I’m big into school logos and names, I asked if that could be incorporated into it.”

2. Design

Multiple merchandising displays, extenders, and end tables are available to customize your Cambro Vending Cart according to your needs.

“The other thing I like about these carts is they have a side table and I’m able to put the fruit choices on there. We’re required to have our fruits and vegetables, so I have a nice basket I got that I put on the cart so they can easily grab their stuff.”

3. Ability to Operate 2 Lines

Vorrises was able to attach the arms of the TabletKiosk units onto the Cambro Vending Cart in order to operate two functional lines and point of sale systems.

“Half of my schools started it in the winter; I wanted to try it out. They really liked it, to the point that the other 3 schools were asking when they were going to get it; now all the schools have it. It’s great. You don’t have to worry about kids crossing over because it makes them get in two separate lines.”

When asked why he’s continued to depend on Cambro products so long, Vorrises said:

“I haven’t really seen any other options to be honest and number two, I guess once we felt something just worked, we’ve kept with it and continued to use it and we utilize it in different ways.”

Click here to see what your school or business’ logo looks like on the Cambro Vending Cart.


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