Restaurant Receives $10K Cambro Makeover

2020 was a brutal year for foodservice and we were determined to make 2021 much better. We gave one lucky operator the chance to win a $10,000 Cambro makeover for their back of house. After receiving hundreds of entries, Fleet Landing Restaurant & Bar in Charleston, South Carolina, was crowned the winner. Overlooking the Charleston Harbor, Fleet Landing has served fresh Southern seafood staples for 17 years.

“After finding out Fleet Landing won the contest, I was absolutely elated. We already use Cambro’s products on a daily basis and knowing that we were about to get new, advanced things that they were doing was absolutely amazing,” said Drew Hedlund, Executive Chef at Fleet Landing.

To spend his $10,000, Hedlund chose Ultimate Sheet Pan Racks, Camshelving® Basics Plus, Camshelving Elements Undercounter units, Cam GoBoxes® and a variety of Cambro food storage products.

“The products that we received from Cambro allowed us to really dial in on our organization, how we put things away, how we prep things, how we rotate things. Cambro really is the pinnacle of organization in your kitchen.”

The Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack is a revolutionary foodservice product. Designed from the same durable, rust proof material as the Elements Series Camshelving, the Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack is constructed with heat-resistant rails that can accept a sheet pan straight from a 350°F (176˚C) oven.

“I was really excited to get the Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack. It has much different spacing than your normal speed racks do. We were able to maximize our vertical storage with a lot of the things that we use in expediting our lunch and dinner,” said Hedlund.

“One of the other really great things that we were able to do with Cambro is we got some Elements shelving beneath our expo line that really streamlined the items that we put down there,” said Hedlund.

Elements Series Undercounter units offer rust-free durability and antimicrobial protection permanently molded into its plates. You can easily wipe shelf plates clean or run them through a dishwasher.

“We are able to do things now with Cambro’s innovation and their products to really streamline, organize, and really dial in on getting the products where they need to be so my employees can get them in a timely fashion and produce the results that they need,” said Hedlund.


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