School More than Doubles Breakfast Participation with Cambro Vending Cart

In the mornings, students are half asleep walking into school thinking about a million different things. Between quizzes and crushes, breakfast is probably one of the last things on their mind. No matter how many times breakfast is touted as the most important meal of the day, most kids will never accept it. That’s why it’s extremely important for breakfast programs to get students’ attention as soon as they walk on campus.

Kevin Silvia, Resident District Manager at Whitsons Culinary Group in Lexington, Mass., needed a solution for their high school. He wanted something mobile and appealing to their 2,200 students. Previously, students had to go to the cafeteria to get breakfast, and as most schools know, students are much less likely to trek out of their way to grab breakfast.

Silvia purchased Cambro Vending Carts to provide breakfast and lunch in central meeting areas like the middle of the quad or by the buses.

“We had signs out that read “free meals” or “free breakfast,” said Silvia. “My breakfast skyrocketed. I was lucky if I did 100 breakfasts at any point maximum. When we came back full, we were upwards to like 300 or 400 breakfasts,” said Silvia.

Not only did their breakfast participation skyrocket, but more students also stopped by to grab pre-packaged salads, smoothies, sandwiches, wraps and pizza for lunch.

“I think [the Cambro Vending Cart] looks good and presents well. It’s mobile and it’s very easy to use and to stock,” said Silvia. “I think if people aren’t using them, they are missing the boat.”

The Cambro Vending Cart grabs students’ attention with the option of Cambro’s eye-catching graphic designs or custom branding. A 12-inch safety barrier and clear sneeze guard increase protection for both staff and students. Designed to serve anywhere, the Cambro Vending Cart has locking swivel casters and precision bearings to easy maneuver and setup wherever you need it on campus.

“[The Cambro Vending Carts] roll easy, they’re easy to use, you can get them in and out and they’re sleek,’ said Silvia.

The foodservice opportunities with the Cambro Vending Cart are endless thanks to compartments that support hot, cold and non-perishable items. Silvia is considering expanding their cart usage to include a separate station for their online food ordering app and for made-to-order smoothies, salads and sandwiches.

The Cambro Vending Cart is the ideal product for mobile meal service indoors or outdoors. Utilizing Camwear® Pans, Camchillers® and Cam GoBoxes®, food is kept organized and at ideal temperatures for hours. Contact your local Cambro sales rep today to get started.


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