Bet Your School Can’t Deliver Like This

When schools needed a solution to provide meals safely and efficiently in the classroom, our sales reps with Wallin Foodservice Resources put on their thinking caps and got to work. The result allowed school foodservice staff to transport at least 96 meals—hot or cold—all on one cart. Using a Camshelving Premium Series® Mobile unit, Cambro GoBags® and Cam GoBox® Milk Crate Box, they created a setup that was lightweight and easy to maneuver wherever foodservice staff needed to go.

For Lincoln Parish Schools, this Cambro trifecta of products were exactly what they needed to accomplish their goals. Nutrition Coordinator Laurie Gates explained they previously had trouble maintaining temperatures while delivering breakfast and lunch at their schools in Ruston, La.

After they began using their new mobile shelving units, their previous worries weren’t a problem anymore.

“We knew that the food would be delivered warm. We knew it would be more efficient to get it down there in the bag as well as the milk in the milk crate box. Our goal was to serve as we would in the cafeteria, which is a warm meal and a cold beverage at the same time,” said Gates.

By using the GoBags and GoBoxes, foodservice staff could customize how many meals and drinks they wanted to transport each day based on their needs.

“I think all around we had positive feedback. Overall, it was definitely something that was used and an asset for us having to navigate taking meals down to the classroom,” said Gates.

Camshelving Premium Series is made of lightweight composite plastic wrapped around a steel core, making it extremely durable and completely rust-free.

“The ladies love the shelving units because they can haul everything around on it,” said Gates.

Logistically, the Camshelving and their components arrived in a timely manner and staff were able to quickly put everything together.

“It didn’t take us long to get our items in and we haven’t had any issues, that’s the best part of it,” said Harryette Tinsley, Foodservice Supervisor at Lincoln Parish Schools. “The racks were easy to assemble and they are sturdy.” If you’re not finding the solution you’re looking for, Camshelving can be customized to your needs. Contact your local Cambro sales rep to start designing your meal delivery cart today.


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