Cambro Products Support Sussex College Through Better or Worse

When Ardingly College lost their water supply due to a broken water main outside of their grounds, staff members thought quickly and turned to their Ultra Camtainers to save the day. Ardingly College, a co-educational boarding and day school, sits on 230 acres within the beautiful countryside in Sussex, England. The school has more than 1,000 students, making a lost water supply extremely detrimental to their operation.

Joanne Davis, Catering Manager at Ardingly College, has been using Cambro Ultra Camtainers at their school for well over 10 years to serve coffee, tea, hot chocolate, squash or water. When the water main broke, she was informed only a small standalone pipe worked on the other side of the sports fields—which are nine acres in size.

“We used all of our Camtainers to supply drinking water for the whole school from this one pipe. We had two people working an eight-hour shift driving a golf cart style vehicle…backwards and forwards to this pipe filling up our Camtainers. Because of this, the school did not go without drinking water, which is a life source,” said Davis.

“Due to the Camtainers being insulated we do not need to do anything to keep them hot or cold. The drinks stay at temperature for hours,” said Davis.

Knowing how essential her Cambro products had been in the past, Davis did not hesitate to contact Nisbets to purchase Camshelving for their meat fridge.

“Our old shelving was exactly that: Old. It did not fit together properly and would collapse easily, causing staff to have injuries to their arms. It was difficult to keep clean and difficult to move out when the area needed a deep clean,” said Davis.

“The Cambro rep came in to look at the area and came up with a fantastic plan to help us. Once installed by Cambro (for the price of a Bacon Sandwich), this shelving has created a number of things: more depth to the shelving to create more storage space, safer for staff, hygienic and non-rusting and easy to clean.”

Before the coronavirus pandemic began, Davis’ catering team utilized personalized Camtrays to serve roughly 2,500 meals each day breakfast, lunch and dinner, to their students—400 of which were boarders. They needed a tray that could handle constant use and they wanted it to look good, too. The final result was a Camtray personalized with their school logo.

“We are very proud of them,” said Davis. “We will not hesitate in using Cambro again when the opportunity arises and will recommend them any day and will recommend them to other departments within the college when they require safe, easy cleanable products.”

For schools with large campuses, it is imperative to have equipment that is dependable, durable and easy to transport. Do you have the right tools to support your operation? Contact your Cambro rep today to get started today.


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