US Marines Rely on Cambro to Keep Food Safe in Any Situation

The US Marine Corps are trained to handle amphibious, air and ground attacks. To keep each member of the USMC prepared for any situation that comes their way, it is important that they are properly fed. When Marines first join the Corps, those working in foodservice learn how to securely provide mobilized feeding in a non-structured environment. They are taught the necessity of food safety, sanitation and temperature retention.

“We tell them the importance of getting the food to the fight obviously being the centerpiece of the basic Marines’ needs. At the end of the day, if they don’t have the fuel to go out there and engage the enemy, we lose. Our role is very important, very vital to the war fighter that’s out there making sure that they get a hot meal because sometimes they can go days on end without having a hot meal. It’s our job to provide that morale booster, we are the key holders to morale. That’s how I feel about what we do,” said USMC MGySgt Morris Mayfield III.

It is essential that food be held and transported at the right temperatures so that no Marines are compromised.

“When we utilize the [Cambro] containers, it’s very important that we’re stressing to them about making sure that they’re inspecting the containers. Making sure that they’re sealing the way they’re supposed to be sealing, they’re being cleaned and sanitized the way they’re supposed to be sanitized and drying out properly so we’re not building up any kind of moisture or mold or anything like that,” said MGySgt Mayfield.  

The USMC utilizes Cambro insulated transport units and Camtainers® to hold their food and beverages. Cambro products are designed to last so it’s no surprise many of their products have been in use for years.

“It’s very vital for us to have a durable container. Obviously, we don’t need anything that’s too heavy because we are a moving force. A lot of times we have to get up and go quickly, but with the rigors of what we do and what we present in certain scenarios, it’s obvious that we need something that can sustain transportation,” said MGySgt Mayfield. “We’re Marines, the things and demands that are required of us as foodservice Marines we have to be able to get into the fight and do what we need to do.”

Cambro insulated transport units are often thrown onto ships, planes, vehicles or simply carried from one area to another. 

“Sometimes we have to cook on-the-go, mobilized feeding, and when we get to that particular site, then we are putting the meals inside the Cambro containers, making sure, again, sanitation is paramount, and that the service period can be sustained throughout that particular time,” said MGySgt Mayfield.

In addition to durability, the Marines need to know they can count on their equipment. Most Cambro insulated transport units hold safe temperatures for at least four hours.

“In my experience, I’ve never had any issues with my food maintaining the appropriate temperature if I’ve had to transport it. I’ve never had an issue at all,” said MGySgt Mayfield.

What kind of food do the Marines prefer? MGySgt Mayfield said they’ve done it all, but one meal in particular stands out.

“You can’t go wrong with chili macaroni for some reason. It’s always a fan favorite for people,” said MGySgt Mayfield. Cambro is proud to make foodservice equipment that supports the USMC and many other US Military forces. Next, read how this Naval Academy created a shipshape storage room with Camshelving.


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