The Storage Product Every Kitchen Needs

If you walk into any professional kitchen, you will see plastic containers with graduations on the side. While many try to replicate it, there is only one CamSquare. One of our most iconic products, the CamSquare has stood the test of time because its design is simple yet efficient. Chef Keith Bisciotti, who has worked at The Pantry in Washington Depot, Conn., for 16 years. When you look in the walk-in at The Pantry, you immediately see CamSquare upon CamSquare of prepped food items. Bisciotti explained why the CamSquare is crucial to their business and why he’s used them for so long.

  1. Maximizes Space

Chefs know that every inch of kitchen storage space is precious. If you can fit even one extra container, it’s worth it. One of the biggest reasons to use CamSquares is because their design naturally encourages space maximization and organization. When using CamSquares, you are immediately provided with 33 percent better space usage than if you were using round containers.

“We are a small space. Our refrigerator space is pretty crucial,” said Bisciotti. “When I do a batch of beef stew or stroganoff or whatever I’m going to be making that week, I usually make enough that it fills [a total of] 24 quarts. I’ll store CamSquares in the walk-in on our shelving units; they fit three deep on the shelves.”

CamSquares fit neatly next to each other on each shelf, making it extremely difficult for containers to get lost or messy.

  1. Easy Identification

Clear containers are a must in fast-moving kitchens. The less time you’re spending looking for something is less time your customer is waiting for their food. For Bisciotti, the way a kitchen was organized told a lot about the operation as a whole.

“All I would need to do is take a look at a restaurant’s walk-in and knew whether or not I wanted to work there. This is a business where speed and efficiency are crucial. Timing is everything when you have somebody waiting for food at a table or for takeout,” said Bisciotti.

That’s why Bisciotti’s favorite CamSquare material is Camwear®. The crystal-clear material allows him to easily and quickly see what is inside without wasting any valuable time.

“I can’t tell you the countless kitchens I’ve worked in where they would store their food in used sour cream containers or anything like that where you can’t see inside it. You have to open 20 different things to find it. It just makes for such a headache and it’s just not efficient,” said Bisciotti.

“That’s why I use the Cambros and love them because we can walk into the walk-in and zero-in on exactly what we need. If I need tomato soup, my eyes can zoom to everything that’s red.”

  1. Durable

When it comes to durability, the CamSquare is unmatched. Our commitment to quality and perfection ensure that each CamSquare is manufactured to withstands the rigors of foodservice.

“I’ve had some CamSquares here that have been here almost as long as me. They’re very durable,” said Bisciotti. “People will argue, ‘Oh, but you have to spend money on them,’ but in the end I really believe that you gotta spend money to make money.”

Bisciotti’s CamSquares are made of virtually unbreakable Camwear, which withstands temperatures -40°F to 210°F (-40°C to 99°C) and is acid, stain, and odor resistant. Employees come and go but CamSquares are forever.  

If you’re looking for a small but impactful way to change your food storage, you need CamSquares in your life. CamSquares are available in Camwear, Translucent and Poly materials; Camwear CamSquares have two lid options, CamSquare Covers or Seal Covers. Contact your Cambro rep today to get your kitchen outfitted with Cambro food storage containers.


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