Cambro’s USPR Helps School Adjust to Lunch in the Classroom

They say variety is the spice of life. We like to think variety is the spice of Cambro. Many of our products are engineered to perform a variety of foodservice functions in any environment. While the Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack was designed to hold sheet pans, it is up to the operator to decide what those sheet pans will hold. When Julie Rogers, Kitchen Supervisor at Warren City Schools (Warren, OH), was looking for equipment to serve lunch to each classroom, she reached out to her distributor, A&N Restaurant Equipment, for help. He suggested she look at the Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack and reached out to their local Cambro rep for a sample.

“[Our Cambro rep] brought the rack in to us and we went around the buildings and practiced what we were doing. We put product in there to make sure it was holding good temperature for us,” said Rogers.

Warren City Schools is made up of four K-8 schools and one high school. Students are currently splitting their time between virtual and in-person learning. Each day, their high school feeds nearly 600 students.

“We deliver to all the rooms; nobody comes in the cafeteria. It’s a lot of prepping because everything has to be in individual containers,” said Rogers.

After being satisfied with how the Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack performed in its trial run, Rogers ordered 50 racks to be distributed between all of their five schools.

“We get about 100 servings on a rack. They’re easy to use; we push them down each hallway,” said Rogers. “The teachers put lunch counts out in their mailbox. We are actually getting it done within 15 minutes.”

Rogers and her team are serving hot entrees like spaghetti and meatballs, chicken patty sandwiches, nachos and cheeseburgers.

“Everything is staying nice and hot; they’re perfect. They’re working for what we needed them for,” said Rogers. “We’ve had no complaints. I think they’re just happy to be in the school building and they’re getting fed.”

To increase heat retention, each Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack is equipped with a cover and at least one Camwarmer. Camwarmers are a great asset for when you need to access hot food frequently.

“[The Ultimate Sheet Pan Racks] saved us and made it easier to transition,” said Rogers.

When students can return to the cafeteria for lunch, Rogers is planning to re-purpose her Ultimate Sheet Pan Racks for hot and cold food holding during prep.

Constructed from the same durable, rust proof material as Camshelving Elements Series, heat-resistant rails are able to accept sheet pans directly from a 350°F (176˚C) oven. Easily maneuver your rack throughout any kitchen thanks to custom center-stem casters. The Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack is unlike any rack you’ve ever used before. Contact your Cambro rep to get started today. 


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