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The Essential Tools for Fall Curbside and Delivery

Fall is traditionally associated with abundance, prosperity and wealth—all things restaurants are hoping will come in this new season. Cooler temperatures always bring both opportunities and challenges for operators, and even more so in these unique times. Whether or not you offered delivery and curbside in the past, this Fall both processes will prove to be more important than ever. You can have the best tasting food on the block, but it’s all for nothing if it doesn’t arrive to your customers in optimal condition. Cambro offers delivery and curbside products to keep your business running strong from now through the first snowfall:

1. GoBox® & Beverage Holder

Once pumpkin flavors are back on the menu, all bets are off. Iced coffee addicts quickly trade in their plastic tumblers for cups wrapped in sleeves. No one wants to take a sip of their delivered coffee to find a lukewarm beverage hitting their lips. Compatible with both hot and cold drinks, beverages are kept at temperature for at least three hours with our GoBox Beverage Holder. Made with the same durable expanded polypropylene material as the rest of the GoBox line, our Beverage Holder withstands temperatures of -40°F to 248°F (-40°C to 120°C). Each Beverage Holder accepts three cups, allowing you the flexibility to hold both food and drinks in your GoBox at once.

2. GoBags®

Delivery has been hot and will only get hotter as temperatures dip lower. Customers have gotten used to having their food delivered to their doors and the convenience will be too much for many to resist when jackets and boots are necessary to leave the house. Ensure your operation is prepared to maintain the temperature and quality of your food with our Delivery GoBags, GoBags Delivery Backpacks and Pizza Bags. All GoBag models feature heavy duty, sewn in straps and an easy open flap that secures tightly with a hook and loop closure. GoBags are made from a thick, yet breathable fabric that provides both durability and superior moisture control. All GoBag models can be personalized with your logo to further promote brand awareness during each delivery.

3. Camshelving Premium® Series Flex Station

Social distancing will still be an essential practice for the foreseeable future. Fulfilling to-go orders while reducing the time customers spend waiting around is key. Camshelving Premium Series Flex Stations for Curbside and Pickup were designed to solve challenges associated with each process. The Flex Station gives you a safe, sanitary place to keep orders before customers arrive. Shelf plates are embedded with antimicrobial Camguard and can be wiped down with a cloth or run through any commercial dishwasher. Using a Flex Station in your front of house allows for a contactless pickup area for customers to quickly and easily grab their orders. If you have a busy Curbside business, set up your Flex Station in the back of house as a holding station before customers pull up.

4. Temperature Maintenance Tools

Every superhero is saved by their sidekick every once in a while. Cambro Temperature Maintenance tools always provide a helping hand to the stars of the show right when they need it. While using any of the Cambro products above, these temperature maintenance tools can add an extra layer of protection to your food during both holding and transport:

  • Camchiller: If you’re frequently accessing cold items inside your GoBag or GoBox or holding cold items in Cambro Food Pans on your Flex Station, Camchillers keep items from losing temperature. For best results, freeze Camchiller flat overnight and place inside insulated units or pans.
  • Camwarmer: Utilize a Camwarmer to allow drivers to make multiple delivery stops with the same equipment. When using GoBoxes on their own, we suggest keeping them closed after food has been loaded inside. However, drivers can confidently pack and deliver multiple orders in one GoBox by adding a Camwarmer. Preparing a Camwarmer for service is easy. Heat in a 350°F oven for 45 minutes before placing inside a GoBox. Pack orders on top and food will hold safely above 140°F for hours.

Cambro products are made to maximize the efficiency and food safety of your delivery and curbside operation. Designed to protect food quality and temperature, there is a GoBag or GoBox to support your needs. We know every operation has a different way of packaging and providing orders to their customers. Get started by using our To-Go Container Solution to find the right Delivery GoBox or GoBag to fit your containers.


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