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4 Cambro Products Pizza Makers Can’t Live Without

Eighty-three percent of consumers eat pizza at least once per month, according to a Technomic study in 2018. With pizza chains like Papa John’s reporting record breaking sales during the coronavirus pandemic, that number has presumably increased. However, competition in the pizza arena is fiercer than ever. Restaurants and chains have previously dominated the demand, but now ghost kitchens and even the frozen section at the grocery store are taking a piece of the pie.

Chuckie Cheese’s now-exposed ghost kitchen concept Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings showed just how successful a business can be on third-party food delivery apps. In order to stand out from the rest, your food needs to do the talking. We’ve rounded up four Cambro products that are essential for every pizza maker to have in their arsenal: 

  1. Pizza Bags

Have any of your drivers ever said the words “I love our pizza bags!”? We didn’t think so. Many pizzerias make the mistake of purchasing cheap pizza bags because they don’t see the point in getting anything else. The problem with these bags is that they quickly fall apart and diminish the quality of your pizza. If you’ve been living with “good enough” pizza bags, that’s not a good enough reason to keep them. Cambro Pizza Bags are packed with dense, high quality insulation and constructed with sewn in nylon straps. The result is a durable bag that provides superior temperature maintenance and moisture control. A hook and loop closure ensures a tight seal while still being easy to open upon arrival.

“The things that stand out the most with [Cambro Pizza Bags] would be, probably number one, is the Velcro. It holds the best. The stitching…the material itself, because a lot of the bags that we’ve used in the past tend to start peeling. It keeps the heat in the best out of all the bags,” said Aaron “Bucky” Jaszewski, General Manager at Pizza Luce in Minnesota.

After using Cambro Pizza Bags at one of their locations, Jaszewski and his team were so happy with them that they decided to outfit all nine locations with them.

“It’s my drivers that really gave me the feedback on it, and [the pizza bags are] holding up almost just like new as we got them. The quality is top notch,” said Jaszewski.

Click here to read more about Jaszewski’s experience with his Cambro Pizza GoBags.

  1. Ingredient Bins

Got bulk ingredients? You need Cambro Ingredient Bins. Flours should never be stored in their packaging. It is imperative to use air-tight, sealed storage containers for ingredients like flour in order to keep out critters and bugs. How many times have you seen little chew marks on the bottom of your flour, or bugs inside a loosely plastic wrapped container? Do not let this happen to you again by storing these ingredients in Cambro Ingredient Bins. Constructed with NSF-listed, FDA-approved material, ingredients can be safely stored directly inside each bin. Utilize the sliding lid option to reduce handling and make it easier for employees to access each product. Cambro Ingredient Bins are designed to fit under standard worktables, immediately integrating into your current kitchen design.

  1. Pizza Dough Boxes

No matter what toppings you put on a pizza, it’s only as great as its crust. If you’re putting in the effort to make your pizza dough from scratch, you’re doing yourself a disservice if you aren’t storing it properly while proofing and transporting. Cambro Pizza Dough Boxes nest tightly to prevent cross-contamination while keeping it fresh and crust-free. Dishwasher safe and NSF listed, Pizza Dough Boxes are essential for every pizza maker.

Fast-casual pizza chains like Blaze Pizza and MOD Pizza trust Cambro Pizza Dough Boxes to hold their dough.

  1. Camview Shakers

Camview Shakers are small but mighty. Both functional and attractive, Camview Shakers can be used in the front and back of house. Color-coded lids are designed in multiple sizes to accommodate a variety of seasonings and toppings, allowing users to identify contents at a glance. Constructed with crystal-clear, shatter resistant Camview materials, Shakers ensure safe, lasting service without the possibility of broken glass.

In August 2020, Business Insider published an article titled, “The 12 essential kitchen tools you shouldn’t pay more than $10 for, according to professional chefs.”

Our Camview Shaker were nominated by Scott Rodriguez, Senior Vice President of Culinary & Kitchen Innovation at BJ’s Restaurants.

“I am a huge fan of the Cambro Camview Shakers. We use these in our BJ’s kitchens and I also use them at home — they are super versatile, inexpensive, durable, and dishwasher safe.

I also like that you can purchase different lids and use the same base container for different types of seasoning or preparation styles. These are the unsung heroes of BJ’s kitchens and versatile workhorses for every type of chef, from professional to amateur.”

Cambro products support every step of the pizza making and delivery process. From safe ingredient storage to heat retentive transport, the Cambro products mentioned in this blog set your operation up for success.

Click here to find your nearest and online retailers or contact your Cambro rep for a personalized plan.


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